All-Day Breakfast Rising

The big news in foodservice recently was McDonald’s introducing what many have long been waiting for: all-day breakfast. Other limited-service chains like White Castle and Golden Corral also recently extended breakfast service to later in the day, but some operators have already answered the calls for all-day eggs and biscuits with breakfast-focused concepts of their own. Here’s a look at why fast-casual, all-day breakfast brands such as The Den by Denny’s, The Eastman Egg Company and Eggslut are trending:

  • Free of Daypart Restrictions: Frustrated with daypart limitations, customers are seeking breakfast options beyond the morning hours. According to Technomic’s Consumer Trend Report series, about 35% of patrons wish restaurants offered breakfast fare for lunch, and 30% wish restaurants served breakfast food for dinner. Additionally, many customers crave indulgent breakfast fare for late-night meals
  • Affordable Fare: Breakfast is typically more affordable for customers—and operators—because dishes feature less expensive ingredients (like eggs) than lunch and dinner options. For example, MenuMonitor data shows that the average price of a breakfast sandwich at restaurants is $5.31, while the average price of lunch and dinner sandwiches is $7.67
  • Craveable: What’s one way to make a dish more appealing? Top it with bacon or an egg. Customers seek dishes with bacon and eggs because these breakfast staples are some of the most craveable ingredients in foodservice. A fried egg adds a rich flavor and Instagram-worthy look, while bacon gives dishes a satisfying and smoky crunch

From my perspective, the biggest challenge for restaurants that serve breakfast is getting customers in the door, because many patrons eat breakfast at home or skip it altogether. By offering breakfast beyond the morning hours, operators can attract those getting a later start, along with customers who don’t have time to stop by in the morning but crave hearty breakfast fare later in the day.


Lauren Hallow

Lauren Hallow is Associate Editor, Concept Analysis at Technomic Inc. She writes content for the company’s ConcepTrac monthly newsletter that covers emerging restaurant chains. Lauren also hosts Technomic’s quarterly Hot Concepts webinar and provides concept-related content for company databases, custom reports and press queries.

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