Aaron Jourden is an Editor at Technomic Inc. in Chicago. He is responsible for writing and editing content for the company's newsletters, which cover foodservice news and developments in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and other international markets. Aaron also develops editorial content for the company's Digital Resource Library, a searchable online database that includes vital segment and industry data on leading domestic and international restaurant chains.

House Beers Bring Distinction, Depth to Restaurant Menus

Chefs and restaurants are teaming with local brewers to craft house beers that can serve as signature brews. House beers have a long tradition in brewpubs of course, but only more recently have independent and chain restaurants really gravitated toward creating their own beers—attributed in part to the rise of local craft brewers. But why bother […]

Global Restaurant Marketing—7 Favorites from 2014

This year, the marketing campaigns we most liked from global restaurant brands were high impact, playful, memorable and of course had a bit of cool factor. If there was a common theme for 2014 it was seamlessly incorporating and playing with—but not entirely leaning on—today’s technology. Marketers used smartphones, 3-D printing and social media in […]

The Digital Disruption of the Foodservice Supply Chain

The North American foodservice supply chain remains surprisingly entrenched in a bygone era; one in which the absence of published prices, uniform product codes, and scanner data puts independent operators at a marked disadvantage to their wholesale-distributor suppliers. While operators can combat the system’s complexity by joining a group purchasing organization (GPO) or shopping at […]

Overseas Restaurant Operators Setting Up Shop in the States

As Technomic tracks restaurant news and developments on the global stage, we often come across exciting emerging concepts in international markets. Many of these concepts—like up-and-comers Cloud 9 in China and Fasso’s in India, both of which were profiled as part of our ongoing coverage of emerging markets—have solid appeal, growth funding, a market large […]

Revisiting Oatmeal on Restaurant Menus

Oatmeal has shown impressive growth on restaurant menus in the years since it broke out as one of the hottest morning menu trends. Appearances of oatmeal have nearly doubled at the nation’s top chains since Starbucks—widely credited for helping establish the trend among chain restaurants—launched its Perfect Oatmeal in 2008. Since then, we’ve seen scads […]