Anne Mills

Anne Mills is a Consumer Research Manager at Technomic Inc. She works on the firm’s Consumer Trend Reports, a series of more than 25 annual studies that keep U.S., Canadian and U.K. foodservice professionals up to date on the evolving menu and consumer trends in key foodservice areas including: food and beverage categories, restaurant sectors, dining occasions, consumer segments and more.

Brands Increasingly Drive Adult Beverage Orders

When I think of beer, I think of 312 and Yuengling, and when I think of rum, I think of Captain Morgan. These are the brands that I order when dining out. Brands are synonymous with our favorite alcohol drinks, no matter what our particular preferences are. Recent research from Technomic’s Trends in Adult Beverage […]

Tea Spices Up Adult Beverage Menus

During summer, iced tea is top of mind for its refreshing quality, while in winter, we turn to hot tea as a comforting warm drink. No matter the time of year, tea is on trend lately due to its health benefits, range of flavors and versatility. Tea-flavored beverage offerings are on the rise in the […]

Beer & Wine Cocktails Provide Uniqueness

Visiting a restaurant these days isn’t just about treating yourself to a delicious meal without having to cook and clean up. It’s also about spending time with family and friends, and having new meal and ambiance experiences. While the food is integral to making foodservice occasions worthwhile, adult beverages play a large role in customer […]

Craft Beer Continues to Flourish at FSRs

American Craft Beer Week just ended May 17, and a variety of craft beers were highlighted to celebrate this growing adult beverage movement. In honor of this festivity, let’s take a closer look at how the craft beer trend is shaping up at leading full-service restaurants. Last month, we wrote about the proliferation of craft beer […]

Targeting the Hispanic Foodservice Consumer

Efforts to appeal to the fast-growing Hispanic population in the U.S. are heating up. Late last year, Pizza Hut announced it’s launching a Spanish-language version of its website, and KFC debuted a new family-focused ad campaign for its Favorites Buckets to target the Hispanic market. Last June, Dunkin’ Donuts launched a new Twitter handle, @DunkinLatino, […]

Chicken Is the Top Choice for Centre of the Plate

From beef to pasta to sushi, there is no shortage of options for the centre of the plate, and consumers enjoy a wide range of options. Not surprisingly, chicken is the most popular protein measured in Technomic’s Canadian Centre of the Plate Consumer Trend Report; beef and pork round out the top three proteins. Chicken’s […]

Tequila on the Rise at Full-Service Chains

Tequila continues to make inroads into American foodservice. In recent years, tequila bars and restaurants with broad selections of tequila have emerged, tapping into the popularity of the spirit that results from the advent of 100% agave and aged expressions. In addition to bars that exclusively offer tequila, the spirit is increasingly appearing on menus […]

Seafood and Vegetarian Dishes Can Help Drive Sales

Healthy menu options are becoming more important to driving foodservice traffic and sales. As operators add healthy fare to menus, they should consider seafood and vegetarian dishes if they align with their concept and menu positioning. Technomic’s Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report not only confirms that health is a strong […]

Closing the Gap on Healthy Restaurant Meals

When it comes to healthy eating, consumers’ behavior isn’t always aligned with intentions. There is typically some discrepancy between their demand for healthy options and actually ordering such items away from home. While there will always be some inconsistencies, data from Technomic’s 2014 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report points to ways to narrow the gap. […]

Beverages: The Battle Between Shrinking Menus and Demand for Variety

Over the past few years, many new, innovative non-alcohol beverage offerings have emerged. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have both introduced machines that allow consumers to not only choose from a wide variety of drinks, but to also customize their beverage. We’re also seeing more housemade and dessert-like beverages, not to mention the growth of juice concepts. […]