Jessica Cravero

As Senior Business Development Associate for Technomic, Jessica Cravero is responsible for marketing and providing support of online resources, reports and custom studies to Technomic clients - which include manufacturers, distributors, operators and financial institutions. Jessica works to provide Technomic clients with key industry data that is actionable to their strategic and tactical business planning process. Additional responsibilities include managing Technomic’s Canadian Restaurants Trends & Directions Conference and the Canadian Foodservice Planning Program

McDonald’s Shakes Up Menu with Kale

Kale’s rise on the menu in Canada initially took root in the full-service restaurant arena. But the dark leafy green’s popularity is now growing across segments, with McDonald’s in Canada rumored to be introducing kale in three salads. We’ve written recently about kale’s popularity on Canadian restaurant menus, but McDonald’s move is bigger than kale. […]

Canadian Brands Connect with Consumers

When it comes to sourcing their next meal, consumers have more options available to them than ever before, making brand awareness and advertising crucial pieces of the equation for success in the foodservice industry. In Canada, a few brands already excel in connecting with consumers through their advertising, due in part to their long history, […]

Starbucks Canada Expands the Brand with New Service, Menu Offerings

Starbucks Canada has room to grow, and some recently announced initiatives have the potential to boost sales and expand the coffee chain’s core customer base. Starbucks made headlines earlier this month when it announced that it would offer wine, beer and tapas-style small plates at the chain’s Toronto and other big-city locations by the end of […]

Increasing Options for Healthy Eaters

Canadians’ health, and the role diet plays, has been a hot topic in the news recently as consumers continue to call for more labelling and transparency in foodservice. A recent study covered in a story by The Globe and Mail showed that from 2010 to 2013, many Canadian restaurant chains failed to reduce sodium in […]

Satisfying On-the-Go Canadian Consumers

Attendees at Technomic’s recent Canadian Foodservice Planning Program learned about a number of important topics in the Canadian foodservice landscape, among them the rising popularity of grab-and-go foods. Today, 31% of Canadian consumers say they’re buying more restaurant-type food and beverages from retailers. Why? The most popular response, provided by 45% of consumers, was less […]

Missed Call: Mobile Engagement with Restaurants Lags in Canada

“Mobile is the future.” How often—and for how long—have we been hearing that? Few (if any) foodservice trend-watchers would dispute that the activities restaurant-goers used to carry out by landline phone or by desktop computer (make a reservation, get information about a restaurant, place a food order) at some point will be tasks performed largely […]

Ending Meals with Deep-Fried Indulgence

The summer’s outdoor festivals are coming to a close, and I admit I’m not sorry to see some of the vendors pack up for the year. There seems to be a competition around who can deep-fry the most outrageous and indulgent desserts. I’ve seen candy bars and snack cakes battered and then deep-fat-fried, and read […]

Satisfying Cravings for Classic Sandwiches

Stand down, sriracha: While Canadian diners may be warming to sandwiches featuring a wider variety of global flavours, there’s also still strong interest among consumers and operators alike in old-school deli favourites. Asked the open-ended question of whether there were any sandwiches or sandwich ingredients they would like to see on more menus, several consumers […]

Canadians’ Favourite Chain Restaurants Are Sales Leaders, Too

Last week in Toronto, Technomic honoured winners of the 2014 Canadian Consumers’ Choice Awards. These awards recognize Canadian limited- and full-service chain restaurants that consumers rate as standouts in five specific areas of excellence: kid-friendliness, friendliness of service, craveability, availability of healthy menu options and social responsibility. Interestingly, looking at data from Technomic’s new Top […]

Combo Meals Meet Appetite for Value in Canada

Earlier this month, we discussed the growth of fixed-price meals on menus at Canadian casual- and fine-dining restaurants. Today, we look at the other side of the better-value-through-bundling coin: combo meals at limited-service restaurants. Asian combo meals, soup-and-salad combos and breakfast platters all saw growth on Canadian menus from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014 both […]