Lauren Edwards

Lauren Edwards is an associate editor at Technomic, Inc. Since 2008, she has written and edited a variety of products for the firm, including trade-magazine articles, newsletters, analytical reports, press releases and marketing brochures. Lauren holds a magazine-journalism degree from the University of Missouri.

Canadian Restaurant Operators Answer the Call for Gluten-Free

Celiac disease affects nearly 1% of the population, according to Healthy Canadians, a subset of the Government of Canada’s Health Canada division. These individuals must maintain a strict gluten-free diet. Other consumers—gluten-intolerant or not—perceive gluten-free fare to be healthier. Both gluten-intolerance and perceptions about the healthfulness of gluten-free foods (whether real or imagined) have direct […]

Fall Flavors, Pastimes and Holidays Spur New Adult Beverages

With Thanksgiving upon us, both the calendar and restaurant limited-time offers remind us that fall is well underway. The flavors of the season have found their way onto restaurant menus—food and adult beverage alike. Bartenders are adding seasonal brews and crafting new seasonally inspired cocktails featuring many of the flavors and descriptors commonly associated with […]

Coffee Cafés, Bakery Cafés Propel LSR Segment in the U.K.

Given that chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Nando’s and Subway capture such a large share of sales among U.K. limited-service restaurants (LSRs), it’s no wonder they occasionally eclipse the contributions of other menu categories. But other categories, particularly coffee café and bakery café, are doing well and in some ways outperforming their burger, chicken […]

Healthy Canadian Restaurant Offerings Should Extend to Beverages

Beverages are an integral part of the restaurant experience. Technomic’s recently released Canadian Beverage Consumer Trend Report reveals that opportunities abound in this important—but often overlooked—part of the menu. Healthy beverages present significant opportunities and implications for the Canadian restaurant market. Compared to Americans, Canadians are more interested in better-for-you beverages at restaurants. Today, more […]

5 Things to Know About Millennials and Wine

2011 was a very good year for wine, and Millennials played a big role in its success. They’re drinking more wine and at an earlier age than ever before. Technomic’s Millennials TAB (Trends in Adult Beverage) Report, which provides a targeted look at the adult-beverage behaviors of Millennials (adults aged 21–35), found that they display […]

Health-Halo Terms Rise, Fall on U.K. Restaurant Menus

“Gluten-free.” “Organic.” “Natural.” U.K. restaurant operators are fairly sure that these “health-halo” terms matter to their customers. But they’re less sure about how to develop menu items around these concepts, and then effectively convey these offerings via their menus. Technomic’s exclusive menu-tracking database, MenuMonitor, finds that three of the leading health-halo terms—gluten-free, organic and natural—have […]

Time for Thai at U.K. Restaurants

It’s no secret that U.K. restaurant-goers are enthusiastic about ethnic. Italian cuisine is abundant. Indian food is beloved. South African-style peri-peri chicken is so popular that Nando’s ranks among the top 10 U.K. chains. According to Technomic’s Leading 100 U.K. Chain Restaurant Report, the fastest-growing chains are all ethnic concepts, clearly demonstrating a rise in […]

C-Stores Drink Up the Possibilities for New Beverages

Here at Technomic, we’ve been warning restaurants for years to watch their backs against retail foodservice. Retail food channels are consciously trying to take foodservice dollars away from restaurants, making them a competitive threat. Convenience stores, which are increasingly foodservice-focused, are certainly a big part of that. One area of the menu where c-store operators […]

Retail Foodservice: Nipping at U.K. Restaurants’ Heels

Restaurants and retail foodservice continue to battle it out for consumers’ foodservice business—and retail is pulling ahead in certain areas. Technomic polled U.K. consumers about their attitudes, behaviour and purchasing decisions at restaurants as well as at retail foodservice venues for its recently released U.K. Retail Foodservice Consumer Trend Report. With just a few exceptions, […]

Millennials Shape Adult Beverage Digital Marketing Efforts

It’s no secret that Millennials are among the most tech-savvy consumers. Millennials grew up with the internet and their everyday activities are intrinsically tied to online connectivity. They routinely check Facebook profiles, scan reviews on Yelp, “check in” at their favorite places using Foursquare, post pictures on Pinterest, read Twitter tweets and watch YouTube videos. […]