How to Appeal to Generation Z

One of the biggest challenges facing restaurant brands today is how to capture the attention of Generation Z diners and how to keep them coming back. Restaurant chains want to build brand loyalty with Gen Z and create lifelong customers. This column will provide a sketch of Gen Z using insights from our recently updated […]

Foodservice Distribution 2.0: Algorithms Optimize the Value Chain

The $268 billion foodservice supply chain is competitive and efficient with the notable exception of how business is transacted between independent operators and their suppliers. Technomic research and observations reveal that foodservice distributor sales representatives (DSRs) spend most of their workday visiting accounts to collect orders, in large part because the prevailing business model and […]

Smoke’s is Heating Up

In recent months, the owners of popular Canadian chain Smoke’s Poutinerie announced plans to grow its brand through rapid global expansion and exploration of on-trend foods like indulgent hot dogs and burritos. The chain is one that competitors, particularly those targeting Millennials, should keep their eyes on. Here we will take an in-depth look at […]

Fireball: Stealth to Sellout?

In alcohol today, authenticity sells and everyone’s buying it. But what exactly is authenticity? Webster’s definition involves “genuine,” “not copied” and “true and accurate.” The alcohol brands that start out focused on their authenticity, and build the consumer connection around it, win. Quite often, their go-to-market process involves little to no marketing budget, whether due […]

Students Prioritize Social and Environmental Responsibility

College and university students are critical to the foodservice industry, as their time-starved schedules lead them to rely heavily on foodservice, both on and off campus. Indeed, Technomic data reveals that 75% of restaurant operators strongly agree that college and university students are highly important to their foodservice operation.  When looking to appeal to this […]

5 Reasons Why The Den is a Smart Move for Denny’s

In October, Denny’s launched The Den, a fast-casual concept targeting Millennials. The Den has since opened additional locations, including its first franchised site, and plans to continue expanding. Here are five reasons why The Den is a smart move on Denny’s part and why it could be a significant sales driver for Denny’s Corp.: All […]

Millennials: A Grab-N-Go Generation [Infographic]

Millennials are a generation on the go, looking for convenience in all aspects of the foodservice occasion—including format. Continuing yesterday’s discussion of generational differences, this week’s Consumer Flash infographic displays Millennials’ affinity for grab-n-go options, perfect for a meal on the run. [View larger INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials: A Grab-N-Go Generation ] Source: This infographic is powered by […]

On-Campus Canadian Foodservice: Two Key Opportunities for Growth

Canadian colleges and universities have been boosting interest in on-campus foodservice through fresh, high-quality fare. While these efforts have had a positive impact on visitation, meal plan enrolment is faltering. Just 21 percent of students participate in their school’s meal plan, a decrease from 30 percent of students polled in 2011, signaling a need for […]

Technomic’s New College & University Study Reveals Shifts in Campus Foodservice Patronage

Technomic’s latest report on the college and university segment shows that 69 percent of students are purchasing food and beverage from on-campus foodservice facilities once a week or more often, representing a near-return to 2009 on-campus patronage levels (71 percent) following a dip to just 62 percent of students polled in 2011. “To keep the […]

How to Earn an “A” With College and University Students

If there is one thing the foodservice industry needs to know about college and university students it’s this: they are a demanding, yet shifty, bunch. They have high foodservice expectations and a lot of choices available to meet their needs. They use foodservice for many different occasions and their preferences can vary widely from one […]