Technomic Finds Consumers Feeling More Flush This Black Friday

As the nation moves into the all-important year-end holiday season, Americans are feeling more comfortable about their own finances than they have in years. That’s according to new research from Technomic Inc. and American Express, which finds that 42% of respondents in a poll of 500 nationally representative consumers see themselves as “living comfortably” or […]

Minimum-Wage Threats and Opportunities for Restaurants

Technomic’s recent study identifying that 83% of consumers support a minimum-wage increase sounds like bad news to restaurant operators. It may be troubling, but it points to an opportunity to educate both consumers and lawmakers about the implications not only to businesses themselves but to their customers. Margins Are Already Anemic Foodservice operator margins are […]

Economy Sending Mixed Messages for Foodservice Growth

Moving into the second half of 2014, the economy is sending mixed signals. Revisions of Q1 2014 GDP numbers suggest that the economy contracted almost 2 percent through the winter while job growth has been shockingly robust. Further, because healthcare accounts for nearly 18 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the significant uncertainties associated with […]

Beer: Volume vs. Profit

What’s more important in beer, volume or profit? For the big domestic brewers right now, the answer is profit. Recently, the major brewers have sharpened their focus on the above-premium categories, which deliver higher margins, while also working to drive operating efficiencies related to the core brands in an effort to ramp up profitability. That’s […]

Wall Street Likes Restaurants

The doubling of Potbelly stock on the first day of its initial public offering represents just the latest in a remarkable string of successful restaurant-company IPOs. Another fast-casual chain, Noodles & Company, also saw its stock price double on its first day as a public company last June, and the company’s shares have continued to […]

Adult Beverages Year-End Trend Alert

Anyone who’s involved in or who follows the adult-beverage industry knows the fourth quarter is all-important. From Halloween to New Year’s Eve, opportunities abound to drive traffic, sales and profits. At retail, the holiday season sees sales spikes for many categories, and store operators are now preparing to satisfy consumers eager to load up on […]

Technomic On the Economy: The Final Chapter for 2013

I. INTRODUCTION As we enter the fourth quarter of 2013, the Eurozone continues its slow march to growth, which in turn has exposed several structural deficiencies in virtually all of the major emerging economies. By this standard, the consistent 2 to 2.5 percent GDP growth in the United States is impressive, especially in the face […]

Government Shutdown: Adult-Beverage Innovation Hits a Roadblock?

Among the agencies affected by the partial government shutdown is the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and sidelining the TTB may well serve to stymie the innovation so important to the adult-beverage industry’s ability to grow in a slow economy. This is dire news as we enter the all-important fourth quarter of […]

Learn from Canada’s Restaurant Industry Leaders

Restaurant technology, top Canadian menu trends and consumers’ changing foodservice behaviours will be in focus later this month at Technomic’s Canadian Restaurants 2013 Trends & Directions Conference. We invite you to join us October 22 at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, ON, for a day that will feature actionable insights from leaders of some […]

U.S. Restaurant Industry: Taking the Long View

“How is the industry doing?” That’s the number one question we’re asked at Technomic, and the one we spend the better part of our time trying to answer. But the picture is more complicated than it seems. The current moving average of restaurant sales (tracking July 2012–June 2013 receipts) is up 2.4 percent in inflation-adjusted […]