Technomic Tube Vlog Reveals Generational Foodservice Preferences

Because consumers of all ages visit foodservice venues daily, having a solid understanding of how generational preferences differ is essential for success in today’s competitive market. To help industry leaders stay abreast of how each generation views and approaches foodservice, Technomic has created a new video blog series on its YouTube channel, dubbed “Technomic Tube.” […]

Juniper Rising: Gin Makes Gains on Menus

Whiskey may be the spirit getting all the attention lately, but another category with pre-Prohibition roots is making what could be the start of a comeback. Following years of declines, gin volume increased in 2014, according to Technomic’s soon-to-be-released SpiritsTAB report. Though the growth was nominal (0.1%), the change in trajectory is welcome news for […]

Questioning Their Loyalty

Technomic’s finding that several of the largest and most well-established adult beverage brands are challenged while smaller labels are accelerating raised some questions from beverage pros about the state of brand loyalty. In this age of product proliferation, expanding drink portfolios and shifting flavor preferences, it’s a valid concern. Checking in with the 2014 BarTAB report, we […]

5 Foodservice Stats to Toast at the Close of 2014

As restaurants and retailers wait eagerly for December’s final sales numbers to roll in, let’s pause to enjoy five stats worth celebrating from 2014. Many Americans are feeling better about their finances! Forty-two percent of American consumers polled by Technomic and American Express in November this year said they are “living comfortably” or are “very […]

Beer Industry Mourns Lost Youth

The past week saw numerous headlines about the beer industry’s recognition that it has lost its iron grip on a key demographic group: young adult consumers. While we called that out earlier this year, the candid comments made by several speakers at last week’s National Beer Wholesalers Association annual meeting in New Orleans point to […]

Pay Attention to Gen Z

In the past few years, I’ve been asked about one consumer group more than any other: Millennials. How can we engage them, how can we influence them, how can we gain their loyalty? More recently, questions have shifted toward a greater emphasis on what is still the largest and most financially comfortable generation, Baby Boomers. […]

Consumer Demands That Transcend Generations

The American public is increasingly fractured. Accordingly, we at Technomic spend a great deal of time tracking consumers’ changing attitudes and behaviors by generation, income, gender, ethnicity, region and so on. Income is an obvious differentiator. Heavy usage of restaurants (particularly casual-dining restaurants) is concentrated among the more affluent. Those who earn a low income […]

Canadian Restaurant Consumers Support Sustainability

It’s no surprise to learn that Canadian consumers support sustainability initiatives at restaurants. What’s interesting is that their support varies by segment and demographic. Many consumers are concerned about food and non-food waste at restaurants, but our exploration of this topic for a recent Consumer Update Report, part of Technomic’s ongoing Consumer Brand Metrics research, […]

Shaping Consumers’ Wine Decisions

Around half of U.S. adults ages 21 and older are wine drinkers, and wine consumption continues to trend upward—up 2.2% across the country in 2013, according to Technomic’s 2014 WineTAB Report. But wine can be a confusing adult beverage category for consumers, and it can be difficult for those selling wine to them to discern […]

Millennials: A Grab-N-Go Generation [Infographic]

Millennials are a generation on the go, looking for convenience in all aspects of the foodservice occasion—including format. Continuing yesterday’s discussion of generational differences, this week’s Consumer Flash infographic displays Millennials’ affinity for grab-n-go options, perfect for a meal on the run. [View larger INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials: A Grab-N-Go Generation ] Source: This infographic is powered by […]