U.K. Restaurant Brands Roll Out New Concepts

U.K. restaurant operators are looking to expand their reach and serve new audiences by debuting concepts a step above or a step below their original brands’ service style. PAUL, which came in at No. 75 on Technomic’s 2014 list of the Top 100 U.K. Chain Restaurants (based on 2013 U.K. systemwide sales), is among this […]

Forward Focus for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Restaurants

The restaurant concepts that made Technomic’s 2014 Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurants list, as ranked by their 2013 Canadian systemwide sales, outperformed the restaurant industry as a whole in Canada last year. Sales for chains in the Top 200 rose 4.2% to $29.2 billion (Canadian), vs. the 3.4% sales growth (to $48.7 billion) recorded by […]

The Next Hit Menu Item? Customer-Created

If you let them build it, they will come. That’s the idea, at least, behind recent create-your-own-menu-item contests at several top Canadian restaurant chains. Capitalizing on consumers’ strong interest in customizing menu items and harnessing the power-to-the-people spirit of reality TV competitions, these contests can serve as a valuable way to build buzz around a […]

Full Speed Ahead for U.K. Full-Service Restaurants

Earlier this month, we looked at some of the U.K.’s fastest-growing limited-service restaurant segments, based on data from Technomic’s new Top 100 U.K. Chain Restaurant Report. Now, we turn our attention to those full-service chains that recorded the strongest sales growth in 2013. In contrast to the tepid 2.4% sales growth seen among leading U.S. […]

The Durability of Mother’s Day Dining Sheds Light on What Consumers Seek in Casual Dining

Almost four out of 10 Americans tell Technomic they’re planning to go to a restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, with most saying they will choose a traditional or upscale casual-dining restaurant for their gathering. We don’t yet have 2014 numbers for Father’s Day, but last year 40 percent of consumers declared their intention […]

Mango Makes Its Mark in Spring Drinks

Back in December, we identified mango as an emerging cocktail flavor for 2014. As we enter spring, mango indeed is making headlines in adult beverages: Mango Moscato is the featured flavor of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers’ new wine shake, which drew national attention when it was announced last week. And AB InBev this month debuted the […]

Global Apps: Ethnic Flavours Add Interest on Canadian Appetizer Menus

Canadian restaurant operators are enlivening their appetizer and starter menus with bold, creative flavours that draw inspiration from popular street foods across the globe. Around one-third of consumers polled for Technomic’s recent Canadian Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report said they order appetizers on most or all of their restaurant occasions, suggesting there’s […]

No Kidding: Kids’ Menus See Growth, Evolution in Canada

At the beginning of the year, we talked about the phenomenon of the incredible shrinking menu: Many Canadian restaurant operators are taking a scalpel to large and unwieldy menus to focus on executing core menu items well and improving operational efficiency. One section of the menu bucking the trend: kids’ menus. From Q4 2012 to Q4 […]

Vegetarian Dishes Add Value on U.K. Menus

Vegetables’ turn from supporting player to center-of-the-plate star is one of the most salient menu trends of the past several years, across foodservice industry segments. In fine-dining restaurants and supermarkets alike, vegetarian choices have risen in prominence as consumers have turned on to the ideas of Meat Free Mondays and occasionally choosing meatless meals out […]

Whenever, Wherever: U.K. Restaurants Look to Broaden Their Reach

U.K. restaurants and grocers seeking to stay top of mind with their customers are racing to open units in nontraditional locations and roll out convenience-oriented services—all in an effort to position themselves as reliable, go-to brands of choice. All Bar One will aim to perk up Birmingham Airport travellers with everything from freshly made frittatas to quesadillas to […]