Canadian Family-Style Restaurants Say Cheers to Adult Beverages

Two weeks ago we looked at how casual-dining restaurant operators across Canada are elevating their adult beverage menus. But the trend of taking beverage programs up a notch isn’t limited to casual-dining establishments. Just because family restaurants are known for being especially kid-friendly doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly with the over-18 crowd, too. Alcohol beverages […]

Technomic Releases Update on Family Dining Restaurants

Family dining occasions are naturally a trademark of the family-style segment; in fact, nearly half of parents polled by Technomic (49 percent) visit family-style restaurants at least once a week. Even though parents and kids may be the primary target audience for family-style restaurants, opportunities exist to boost traffic and sales from other groups, including […]

Family-Style Restaurants: Thinking Beyond Families

In 2008, Denny’s pioneered an aggressive push into the late-night category with their “Rockstar” menu. Presumably, their goal was to expand their reach in terms of both occasions and demographics – to build sales during non-peak meal times and boost traffic among younger consumers. It’s a solid strategy supported by data from our recent Future […]

Cost and Value Still Top-of-Mind for Canadian Full-Service Customers

Data from our latest consumer trend report on family and casual dining in Canada shows that while family-style and casual-dining restaurants are bouncing back from the recession they are not out of the woods yet. For these concepts, driving traffic in today’s economy hinges on their ability to understand which aspects, beyond price, consumers see […]

Excellent! Chains That Win Consumers’ Hearts and Dining Dollars

Consumers vote with their wallets. We know which chain brands win out because, for public chains at least, we can review quarterly earnings data. Consumers also vote with their voice; they share positive experiences with friends, family and even strangers through social media sites. Those who feel strongly about a brand gladly drive repeat visits, […]