It’s a Small World When it Comes to Menu Development

For all the talk these days about what McDonald’s can do to right its listing ship, surprisingly little has focused on tapping a huge reservoir of product development and marketing savvy: the chain’s international menus. Around the globe, McDonald’s serves up items that by American standards are quirky, tantalizing or sometimes just odd. Roundups of […]

Tim Hortons, Burger King and Brand Loyalty

In one of the more unusual—but completely brand-appropriate—restaurant publicity stunts we’ve seen in some time, Tim Hortons last week transformed a Calgary home into a popup Tim’s. For one morning, the unassuming house sported a neon Tim Hortons sign over its garage and was outfitted inside with a doughnut display case, a service counter and […]

What Went Wrong: Burger King Cuts Satisfries

The “Zone of Creativity”—when the consumer gives their permission to the restaurant operator to innovate with strict parameters. Consumers have greater health and wellness expectations from restaurants, and operators are doing a better job of listening. But does the consumer lie to them or to themselves? Each day we tell ourselves we want to eat […]

U.K. Restaurant Brands Roll Out New Concepts

U.K. restaurant operators are looking to expand their reach and serve new audiences by debuting concepts a step above or a step below their original brands’ service style. PAUL, which came in at No. 75 on Technomic’s 2014 list of the Top 100 U.K. Chain Restaurants (based on 2013 U.K. systemwide sales), is among this […]

Forward Focus for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Restaurants

The restaurant concepts that made Technomic’s 2014 Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurants list, as ranked by their 2013 Canadian systemwide sales, outperformed the restaurant industry as a whole in Canada last year. Sales for chains in the Top 200 rose 4.2% to $29.2 billion (Canadian), vs. the 3.4% sales growth (to $48.7 billion) recorded by […]

The Next Hit Menu Item? Customer-Created

If you let them build it, they will come. That’s the idea, at least, behind recent create-your-own-menu-item contests at several top Canadian restaurant chains. Capitalizing on consumers’ strong interest in customizing menu items and harnessing the power-to-the-people spirit of reality TV competitions, these contests can serve as a valuable way to build buzz around a […]

Limited-Service Restaurants Must Evolve to Compete in a Take-Share Market, Reveals New Technomic Study

Even though the restaurant industry sees distinctions between fast-food and fast-casual concepts—two different types of limited-service restaurants—those lines are starting to blur for consumers, who note fewer distinctions between the two segments in areas like overall value, friendly service, craveability and menu variety. With increasing competition, limited-service concepts that cater to a variety of needs […]

Technology as a Driver of Limited-Service Restaurant Visits

Despite their low check average relative to full-service concepts, limited-service restaurants (LSRs) account for half of all foodservice sales; they posted earnings of $231 billion in 2013. The segment’s success is in visit frequency, as 64 percent of consumers report visiting fast-food concepts once a week and 40 percent report visiting fast-casuals with that frequency. […]

Does Taco Bell’s Fast-Casual Entry Have a Chance?

Taco Bell is following the lead of its YUM! sister brand KFC, which entered the fast-casual market last year. KFC Eleven features hand-crafted food—flatbreads, rice bowls and KFC Boneless Original Recipe Chicken—in a more contemporary environment. Taco Bell’s new fast-casual concept, U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom, provides the chain an opportunity to move into […]

Whenever, Wherever: U.K. Restaurants Look to Broaden Their Reach

U.K. restaurants and grocers seeking to stay top of mind with their customers are racing to open units in nontraditional locations and roll out convenience-oriented services—all in an effort to position themselves as reliable, go-to brands of choice. All Bar One will aim to perk up Birmingham Airport travellers with everything from freshly made frittatas to quesadillas to […]