Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

If you visited a restaurant this past September, you may have seen orange signs decorating your favorite restaurants. Do you remember why they were there?


September is Dine Out for No Kid Hungry month, and restaurants participating in the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry fundraiser decorated their walls with these orange signs. During the event, consumers helped over 9,700 restaurants across the country raise money for the No Kid Hungry campaign simply by dining out at participating restaurants, purchasing select items or making a small donation.

At Technomic, we’re proud to put our foodservice knowledge and expertise to use and do our part to support No Kid Hungry’s campaign to end child hunger. During the month of September, we conducted both consumer and operator research to get their perspectives on participating in the fundraiser. Additionally, we visited participating restaurants to speak with their customers and employees to get their take on the campaign. We also had a great time volunteering at Chicago’s Taste of the Nation event, a culinary benefit for No Kid Hungry.

Technomic’s Taste of the Nation volunteers

Technomic’s Taste of the Nation volunteers

It was great to go into the restaurants and hear what their customers and employees had to say. Since Dine Out for No Kid Hungry’s partner restaurants work to help end child hunger in their local communities, it was particularly motivating to hear how much customers appreciated their restaurants’ participation in the fundraiser. It was also inspiring to hear how enthusiastic and proud these restaurants’ employees were about being able to help raise money to end child hunger.

What we uncovered has been encouraging. Here are some highlights:

  • No Kid Hungry increasingly drives restaurant traffic: 18% of consumers said they visited a restaurant this September specifically to support No Kid Hungry, up 50% since 2014.
  • 73% of restaurant partners who participated in No Kid Hungry this year say it led to greater employee excitement.
  • 73% of consumers say No Kid Hungry makes it easy to support a cause they care about.

Finally, 75% of consumers want more of their favorite restaurants to support No Kid Hungry. Partnering with this organization is one more way to meet the needs of frequent guests, and staff will appreciate the chance to give back as well!


Maia Chang

Maia Chang is a Research Analyst at Technomic, Inc. in Chicago. She works on the firm’s Consumer Trend Reports, a series of annual studies that provides operators and suppliers with a comprehensive guide to the menu and consumer trends impacting various restaurant segments and menu categories in the U.S., Canada and U.K.

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  1. Hi there,
    Do restaurants participating in No Kid Hungry, tie this to their own 365 day long program to every night donate leftover (still fresh!!) food within their communities. If the latter is working, then there should be fewer years of No Kid Hungry in those neighborhoods.

    Can restaurants adjust their leftover food donations to early morning & donate directly to schools for kids to eat. Sorry, but seeing a lot of redundancy of restaurants with a mountain of leftovers & an organization that needs money to go somewhere to buy kids food.

    What about having restaurants start community gardens where kids can work after school & the food gets divided up between the needy families and the restaurants?

    Restaurants live in food, kids need food. Why is the connection being made so long & convoluted?
    Any learnings would be great, to help my outsiders perspective.

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