Ginger Gets Edgy: Craft Cider Heats Up with Ginger’s Peppery Punch

Riding on the coattails of craft beer, craft cider‘s star is certainly on the rise. Millennials’ away-from-home consumption increased 5% since 2012, with hard cider representing approximately 1% of the total beer category. But in a booming market of 426 hard cider producers, how does one stand out in a crowd? The Bacon and Beer Classic (hosted in multiple cities across the country) has an answer.

Source: 426 cider producers in U.S.

Like craft beer, the craft cider movement is all about innovation and experimentation. The addition of hops, barrel aging and interesting fruit flavor combinations are usual suspects. But at the recent Bacon and Beer Classic, an unorthodox spice, ginger, was spiking in popularity. With a peppery punch that compliments cider’s tartness perfectly, cider enthusiasts were raving about new ginger offerings.

The turn to ginger seems natural, as craft cider trends parallel those of craft beer. While beer brewed with ginger is nothing new, it’s a key ingredient of the Mule cocktail, a classic that is seeing major uptick on artisanal adult-beverage menus. Likewise, cider brewed with ginger would make a fantastic seasonal cocktail mixer. Apple Cider Mules, anyone? Happy fall sipping!


Emily Hallock

Emily Hallock is a Senior Research Analyst at Technomic. She works heavily with operators, distributors, and manufacturers performing qualitative research and analysis. In addition, Emily is also the main point of contact for Technomic’s Foodservice Essentials online learning program. A food anthropologist by schooling, Emily enjoys the intersection of food, people, and research her job offers every day.

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