Mixing and Matching with Value

For quick-service restaurants in particular, price point and value perception are driving influences for many patrons’ visits. Value menus, like the Dollar Menu & More at McDonald’s, are a classic way of cementing value perception at chains. However, many operators are employing new ways to provide value while appealing to consumers’ desires for choices and customization. One way is through mix-and-match promotions. These deals allow guests to select a particular number of items from a set menu at an affordable price. Below are some recent examples of mix-and-match deals:

Burger King Canada launched multiple limited-time Mix & Match deals. The 2 for $4 Mix & Match breakfast deal offers a choice of the Bacon, Egg & Cheese English Muffin and the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich. This deal is a smart strategy, particularly as the morning daypart garners more attention through trends like all-day breakfast. Additionally, the chain’s 2 for $5 Mix & Match allows guests to choose two items from a selection of the BK Big Fish sandwich, Spicy Big Fish sandwich, Original Chicken sandwich and Spicy Original Chicken sandwich. This deal not only offers a variety of options, appealing to a wider range of diners, but it also serves as a way for the chain to use value to promote new limited-time items like the Spicy Big Fish.

Arby’s Canada is promoting a 2 for $7 Mix ‘N Match deal. For the special price, guests can choose two items with options that include a medium Roast Beef, Crispy Fish Fillet, Beef ‘N Cheddar Classic and Loaded Curly Fries. This option provides a wide variety of items, ranging from signature beef sandwiches to topped fries, and emphasizes the discounted price.

Overall, 34% of consumers say that both create-your-own bundled and combo meals are likely to influence their decision to visit a foodservice location. Mix-and-match promotions are an ideal way to reach this consumer base as they provide greater variety and the ability to customize meals to diners’ preferences.


Patrick Noone

With more than 15 years of experience in the research/consulting industry, Patrick Noone, Executive Vice President, Business Development, is integrally involved in the sales, development and marketing of Technomic's online resources, reports and custom studies—tools that provide clients with actionable industry data that supports their strategic and tactical business planning processes. He also manages Technomic's Business Development and Client Service teams.

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