Bigger Isn’t Always Better as ‘Better’ Grows Bigger in 2014

Goliaths are getting a little unsteady on their feet, and Davids are flexing their muscles. Technomic’s upcoming 2015 Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report shows that Subway has been dethroned as the No. 2 chain in America, falling to Starbucks—which grew U.S. sales 8.2% in 2014. Starbucks and other beverage chains capitalized on today’s 24-7 snacking […]

Global Restaurant Marketing—7 Favorites from 2014

This year, the marketing campaigns we most liked from global restaurant brands were high impact, playful, memorable and of course had a bit of cool factor. If there was a common theme for 2014 it was seamlessly incorporating and playing with—but not entirely leaning on—today’s technology. Marketers used smartphones, 3-D printing and social media in […]

Technomic Identifies Five U.K. Restaurant Trends for 2014

The U.K. foodservice scene continues evolving in unique and interesting ways. Looking forward to next year, Technomic has identified five key trends expected to play major roles at British restaurants: 1. Catering to the Millennial customer. As the influence and collective spending power of U.K.’s Millennial generation grows, expect to see restaurant operators amplify efforts […]

Technomic Identifies Five Canadian Restaurant Trends for 2014

When it comes to eating out, Canadian consumers’ foodservice preferences continue to evolve with numerous implications for restaurant operators. Looking forward, Technomic has identified five key trends expected to play a big role in the coming year: 1. Feeling more heat from Latin America and Asia. Sriracha, ghost peppers and kimchi are just some of […]

Technomic’s Take: 10 Trends for 2014

Technomic, the nation’s leading foodservice research and consulting firm, brings together the best judgments of its consultants and editors to peer ahead into 2014, identifying trends that may significantly impact the restaurant industry. These expert insights are based on site visits evaluating the restaurant scene in cities across the country as well as interviews and […]