Small Plates Will Continue to Rise in Popularity, Replacing Traditional Mealparts

Evolving foodservice usage and behavior drives left side of menu opportunities, Technomic Inc. study finds. Though some foodservice consumers still view the left side of the menu (LSM)—particularly starters, small plates and sides—as “extras,” the LSM is uniquely positioned to serve consumers’ shifting dining needs. According to Technomic’s Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend […]

Small plates, big opportunity

The left side of the menu may finally be ready for its closeup. So-called because of the traditional placement of appetizers, small plates and sides opposite entrees and desserts on the right, these littler offerings understandably have long played supporting roles to most restaurants’ main attractions. However, Technomic’s new Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer […]

Global Apps: Ethnic Flavours Add Interest on Canadian Appetizer Menus

Canadian restaurant operators are enlivening their appetizer and starter menus with bold, creative flavours that draw inspiration from popular street foods across the globe. Around one-third of consumers polled for Technomic’s recent Canadian Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report said they order appetizers on most or all of their restaurant occasions, suggesting there’s […]

Leveraging the Left Side of Canadian Menus

Consumers’ dining habits are changing. They no longer necessarily eat three square meals a day but rather snack or eat smaller meals throughout the day. Consumers want whatever they want, whenever they want it. Changes in dining habits go beyond mealtimes, though. Nowadays, restaurants aren’t just places people visit for meals, but also for entertainment, […]

Leveraging the Left Side of the Menu

We’re seeing a lot of movement from the Left to the Right, but it’s not in the political sphere—it’s on the menu. And it’s pushed by consumers’ shifting eating and dining behavior. Today’s consumers no longer structure their daily consumption around three square meals, but increasingly graze and snack throughout the day. They use restaurants […]

Why Consumers Love Small Plates

Small plates are a big hit with consumers, but for reasons that may elude many chains. Restaurant operators often tout small plates as shareable sample portions, but according to Technomic’s 2013 Starters, Small Plates and Sides Consumer Trend Report most consumers order them for individual consumption. Consumers say that only about 41 percent of small […]

Meatballs Spice Up Canadian Menus

As a new school year gets into gear and temperatures outside slowly start to drop, consumer cravings for heartier comfort foods begin to ramp up. And few items suggest classic comfort fare more so than meatballs do, as Canadian restaurant operators are realizing. The incidence of meatballs on Canadian chain restaurant menus in Technomic’s MenuMonitor […]

In Canada, Better Bar Snacks Pair with Bigger Beer Menus

It only makes sense: As restaurant operators continue to bolster their beer menus with more craft and premium selections, they’ve started to pay new attention to their bar snacks, too. Canadian chain and independent establishments are putting creative twists on classic dips and even elevating the humble pretzel to crave-worthy status, rolling out snacks and […]