Fireball: Stealth to Sellout?

In alcohol today, authenticity sells and everyone’s buying it. But what exactly is authenticity? Webster’s definition involves “genuine,” “not copied” and “true and accurate.” The alcohol brands that start out focused on their authenticity, and build the consumer connection around it, win. Quite often, their go-to-market process involves little to no marketing budget, whether due […]

Tim Hortons, Burger King and Brand Loyalty

In one of the more unusual—but completely brand-appropriate—restaurant publicity stunts we’ve seen in some time, Tim Hortons last week transformed a Calgary home into a popup Tim’s. For one morning, the unassuming house sported a neon Tim Hortons sign over its garage and was outfitted inside with a doughnut display case, a service counter and […]

Adult Beverages: Brand Loyalty in the Millennial Age

Brand loyalty is a tricky thing these days. In the mobile-marketing era, when consumers can receive a discount on a product while they’re shopping in the store, the motivation to switch brands is huge. And that goes for consumers in any income bracket—who doesn’t love a deal? The brand loyalty question is especially tricky with […]

Brand Storytelling and the Worthiness of ‘We’

The Good Pub Guide came out with its list of Pub of the Year winners last week, naming the Olive Branch Pub in Clipsham as overall Pub of the Year for 2014. As I was browsing the Olive Branch’s website, the thing that struck me most wasn’t the design (more rustic than sophisticated) or even […]