Turf Wars: For Bakery and Coffee Cafes, Growth Means Capitalizing on the Others’ Strengths, says Technomic

While bakery and coffee cafes have much in common, consumers have distinct preferences toward one over the other for certain types of visits. For example, bakery cafés have a stronghold on midday occasions, whereas coffee cafés win with breakfast and beverage occasions. As a result, bakery cafés are hoping to boost traffic by strengthening their […]

Bakery and Coffee Cafés: Price vs. Value

The growth of bakery and coffee cafés easily outpaces that of the overall restaurant industry. Indeed, 53% of 18- to 34-year-olds surveyed for our latest Bakery & Coffee Cafe Consumer Trend Report visit bakery cafés at least weekly, and 64% of the same age group visit coffee cafés as often. Still, in an uncertain economy, price […]

Segment Performance: Fast-Casual Bakery-Cafe Chains

Bakery cafés remained the sales leader and undisputed champion of the fast-casual restaurant segment in 2012, despite a surge from Mexican concepts that narrowed the sales gap between the two menu categories. Bakery cafés that ranked among Technomic’s Top 150 Fast-Casual Chain Restaurants posted systemwide sales of more than $6.1 billion in 2012—a healthy increase […]

Differentiating Drivers Among U.K. Cafés

While bakery cafés, coffee cafés and patisseries all share similarities with regard to their concepts and menu offerings, data from Technomic’s U.K. Café Consumer Trend Report reveals distinct drivers for each segment. Patisseries are ideal venues for affordable takeaway meals Of all three segments, monthly patronage is highest at patisseries (65 percent, vs. 58 percent […]

Bakery Cafés Drive Growth in France

Fast-casual bakery café chains drove 2012 sales growth (up 15 percent) for the 2013 Technomic Top 100 chains in France, which was higher than the overall Top 100 chains in France (up 4 percent). All but one of the five bakery café chains within the Top 100 experienced double-digit sales growth last year. The largest […]

Coffee Cafés, Bakery Cafés Propel LSR Segment in the U.K.

Given that chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Nando’s and Subway capture such a large share of sales among U.K. limited-service restaurants (LSRs), it’s no wonder they occasionally eclipse the contributions of other menu categories. But other categories, particularly coffee café and bakery café, are doing well and in some ways outperforming their burger, chicken […]

Segment Perfomance: Bakery Café Restaurants

Bakery cafés continued to lead all menu categories among the Top 150 Fast-Casual Chain Restaurants in 2011, with U.S. systemwide sales of $5.5 billion, up 6.6 percent over 2010. Technomic defines bakery cafés as limited-service fast-casual restaurants emphasizing artisan breads, baked goods and “made for you” service formats. Menus are centered on sandwiches along with […]