Premium Goes Beyond the Beef

Increased demand for burgers in the past several years combined with a dwindling beef supply have resulted in higher prices that are forecasted to increase even further. Consumers are feeling the effects: 51% say they have noticed that burger prices have increased over the past year, according to Technomic’s 2015 Burger Consumer Trend Report. Operators […]

Fast Casuals Smooth Over Health Concerns with ‘Buff’ Items

Diet trends come and go—the South Beach and Atkins crazes of a decade ago have given way to today’s “paleo” and “primal” diets—but considerations about health and nutrition are a constant. Today, consumers want to maintain their health but still use restaurants to indulge. The latest round of menu development in fast casual reflects this […]

Chicken Is the Top Choice for Centre of the Plate

From beef to pasta to sushi, there is no shortage of options for the centre of the plate, and consumers enjoy a wide range of options. Not surprisingly, chicken is the most popular protein measured in Technomic’s Canadian Centre of the Plate Consumer Trend Report; beef and pork round out the top three proteins. Chicken’s […]

Canadian Restaurants Beef Up Menus for Winter

‘Tis the season for hearty comfort food, and high prices or no, there’s a certain expectation for indulgence-worthy beef dishes to be highlighted on menus. Canadian restaurant operators are embracing that demand, rolling out meat-focused menus as well as seasonal specialties that spotlight global flavours and bold sauces. Applebee’s Canada, for example, recently introduced a […]

Canadians Call for Sustainable Beef and Pork

Canadian consumers want to understand the origins of the food they eat, and popular proteins such as beef and pork are no exception. Research from Technomic’s 2013 Canadian Center of the Plate: Beef and Pork Consumer Trend Report reveals that many consumers are concerned about what happens to the beef and pork they eat before […]

Technomic Releases Update on Consumer Trends for Beef and Pork Restaurant Entrees

Beef and pork are traditional fixtures on restaurant menus and represent classic favorites on the center of the plate. But now that rising meat costs are beginning to impact restaurant prices, it’s more essential for operators to learn consumers’ current attitudes and preferences towards beef and pork dishes—trends that can be addressed via menu development […]

Restaurant Steak Prices Edging Up

Over the past three quarters, Technomic’s PriceMonitor team has recorded rising beef prices on restaurant menus across the industry. According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, the price of beef and veal rose over 10 percent in 2011 and is projected to increase an additional 4 to 5 percent from these already elevated levels in […]