All-Day Breakfast Rising

The big news in foodservice recently was McDonald’s introducing what many have long been waiting for: all-day breakfast. Other limited-service chains like White Castle and Golden Corral also recently extended breakfast service to later in the day, but some operators have already answered the calls for all-day eggs and biscuits with breakfast-focused concepts of their […]

McDonald’s Biggest Opportunity: McMuffins All Day or Higher Pay?

McDonald’s recently woke up and smelled the coffee, but I don’t mean the much buzzed-about test of all-day breakfast to begin soon in San Diego. I’m talking about last week’s other big McDonald’s story: its decision to raise the hourly wage for crew members at its approximately 1,500 company-owned stores in the United States. It […]

5 Reasons Why The Den is a Smart Move for Denny’s

In October, Denny’s launched The Den, a fast-casual concept targeting Millennials. The Den has since opened additional locations, including its first franchised site, and plans to continue expanding. Here are five reasons why The Den is a smart move on Denny’s part and why it could be a significant sales driver for Denny’s Corp.: All […]

How Fast-Food Capitalized on Changing Breakfast Needs

Many consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, but the needs of morning consumers are evolving. Fast-food operators have recognized these changes and stepped up to fill the gaps, providing healthy, inexpensive breakfast options for on-the-go Canadian consumers. Although 73% of Canadian breakfast consumers acknowledge that it is unhealthy to skip […]

Brunch: Just What the Doctor Ordered

There’s little that trumps headache medicine as a necessity on New Year’s Day, but brunch comes pretty close. What better to ease the ills of a hangover than greasy and filling breakfast fare and maybe some “hair of the dog?” The hybrid meal is prized by consumers as a chance to spend time with family […]

Location, location, location! [Infographic]

Convenience is a key consideration in foodservice occasions, and a restaurant’s location can be the defining factor of ease. This week’s Consumer Flash infographic visualizes how a convenient location contributes to the value equation and is a driving force in a variety of restaurant occasions. Having trouble viewing our Infographic in Firefox? Try installing the latest Firefox […]

Conveying Quality at Breakfast

Breakfast is a prime area of sales-building opportunity for U.K. restaurant operators as consumers seek convenient morning meal solutions. But when most a.m. menus are built on a similar lineup of offerings, how can concepts convey that they have the kind of differentiated, high-quality fare that today’s foodservice customer seeks? Understanding which breakfast items consumers are most […]

Breakfast at All Hours — Regional Preferences [Infographic]

In recent years, there has been activity around operators promoting all-day (and even all-night!) breakfasts. Consumers confirm their around-the-clock interest in what is typically a morning meal in this week’s Regional Consumer Infographic, which takes a look at Breakfast at All Hours. Having trouble viewing our Infographic in Firefox? Try installing the latest Firefox pdf […]

Rise and Shine: Breakfast Health and Wellness in Canada Versus the U.S.

Who’s healthier at breakfast time—Americans or their northerly neighbors? The health and wellness consumer data from the U.S. and Canadian versions of Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report provides insight into this question. It is essential that operators in each country understand these customer preferences when developing their breakfast menus. Skipping breakfast First off, a larger […]

Looking for Better Value at Breakfast

Breakfast isn’t a daypart for wimps. That’s one of my key takeaways from Technomic’s new Canadian Breakfast Consumer Trend Report. Consumers’ breakfast habits are hard to change, so getting them either to purchase breakfast away from home more often or to try a new destination for breakfast—particularly on a weekday—remains a significant hurdle for operators. […]