Chicken Flocks to Canada’s Limited-Service Segment

As burger and pizza concepts continue to saturate the limited-service segment, chicken concepts are beginning to take off in Canada. Whereas many chains are expanding menus to suit a variety of tastes, menus at chicken concepts are focused and limited, building a strong sense of specialization and differentiation. Operators are picking particular chicken preparations and […]

Nando’s Inspires African Flavor Influences

Consumers in general, and younger ones in particular, don’t shy away from bold flavors and in fact are demanding them. This has only accelerated the spread of ethnic foods and infusions on menus. A new global influence is gaining speed, largely attributed to the emerging fast-casual chain Nando’s, a chicken concept that began in 1987 […]

Consumers Pick Premium Poultry

Consumers of chicken generally make no bones about having their favorite cut —whether it be white or dark, thigh or breast. And of course, cut preference depends on what one may be prioritizing. For example, Technomic’s 2015 Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report finds that both white and dark meat have its supporters; […]

Chicken Is the Top Choice for Centre of the Plate

From beef to pasta to sushi, there is no shortage of options for the centre of the plate, and consumers enjoy a wide range of options. Not surprisingly, chicken is the most popular protein measured in Technomic’s Canadian Centre of the Plate Consumer Trend Report; beef and pork round out the top three proteins. Chicken’s […]

5 Charts That Explain McDonald’s Move Toward Antibiotic-Free Chicken

A major portion of McDonald’s supply chain is getting the Chipotle Mexican Grill treatment, as the world’s largest burger chain will begin sourcing chicken only from poultry suppliers that don’t use human antibiotics on their animals. Leaders of the Golden Arches also announced McDonald’s would only sell milk from cows that have not been treated […]

Home-Style to Hot and Spicy: Flavour Trends for Chicken

U.K. consumers’ poultry consumption outpaces their consumption of other meats, The Grocer reported in April. In addition, a recent Oxford Economics study noted that since 2001, poultry has seen lower retail price inflation in the U.K. than beef, pork, fish and lamb. Given chicken’s health halo as a low-fat protein and its lower price point […]

Chasing Improvement, Not Trends

Can changing the way tomatoes are cut help a restaurant improve its salad sales? Athens, GA-based fast-casual chain Zaxby’s knows it can. Back in 2005, Zaxby’s—the leading fast-casual chicken chain in the U.S., with 2012 systemwide sales of more than $979 million, according to Technomic research—was looking at ways to lift sales of its signature […]

A Fried-Chicken Renaissance in the U.K.

Fried chicken is getting fresh love in the U.K., with new chicken-focused limited-service concepts rolling out and established full-service brands debuting new, “Southern-style” chicken offerings. Why the resurgent interest in fried chicken, decades after quick-service chains began offering buckets of it as a convenient family meal solution? For upstart chicken concepts, it’s just that fact: […]

Spicy Chicken Sandwiches: Six New Takes on a Perennial Favorite

Chicken sandwiches are a workhorse of limited- and full-service restaurants’ menus. They don’t generally garner the attention or the cultlike following of burgers; they’re not as trendy as pulled-pork or sausage sandwiches; they have, over the years, earned no small amount of derision from some chefs and consumers who would dismiss them as bland or […]

Chicken, Turkey Gain Ground at Breakfast

For fast-casual operators, poultry still has untapped potential on morning menus, according to Technomic’s new Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report. Chicken and turkey are indeed gaining popularity at breakfast: Twenty-four percent of consumers surveyed in January for the report said they’ve been eating turkey at breakfast more often than they were two […]