Craft Beer: Keep Up or Commit?

Discussing how to craft a craft beer menu during an educational session at the recent BAR15 event at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, Vice President of Beverage at Craftworks Restaurants & Breweries Stuart Melia posed a crucial question to the audience, “Are you just keeping up or making a statement?” Faced with the recent […]

Cider: Small but Mighty?

Cider is swiftly moving toward logging in another year of significant double-digit volume gains in 2014, and the major beer marketers each are staking a claim in the evolving category. Similar to craft beer, there’s a lot of excitement around the category, with new products entering the fray, splashy advertising campaigns and growing consumer curiosity […]

Fact vs. Fiction: The Real Craft Beer and Cider Trends in Restaurants and Bars

Market trends, leading brands, myths and misconceptions clarified Craft beer and hard cider are on the fast track in restaurants and bars today, but Technomic’s recently completed On-Premise Craft Beer & Cider study reveals that all is not as it seems with these trending beverages. The multi-faceted research project tracks ongoing growth for craft beer in restaurants […]

Technomic Reports Ongoing Shifts in the Beer Industry

Select brands, categories, contribute to momentum and re-shape the market The beer industry reversed its downward trend of recent years to post both volume and dollar gains in 2012, but the momentum is slowing in 2013. The just-released 2013 BeerTAB (Trends in Adult Beverage) Report reveals that following a 1.3 percent decline in 2011, total […]

Restaurants, Bars Celebrate Fall with Cider Cocktails

Consumers’ warm reception to the annual, ever-earlier return of pumpkin-spice lattes indicates that they enjoy in-season beverages as much as they enjoy seasonal bites. At the bar, operators generally have summer and winter seasonal cocktails down cold (or hot), but autumn also offers numerous opportunities to seize on seasonal flavors. And consumers’ favorite fall flavors, […]

Canadian Family-Style Restaurants Say Cheers to Adult Beverages

Two weeks ago we looked at how casual-dining restaurant operators across Canada are elevating their adult beverage menus. But the trend of taking beverage programs up a notch isn’t limited to casual-dining establishments. Just because family restaurants are known for being especially kid-friendly doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly with the over-18 crowd, too. Alcohol beverages […]

Fall Flavors, Pastimes and Holidays Spur New Adult Beverages

With Thanksgiving upon us, both the calendar and restaurant limited-time offers remind us that fall is well underway. The flavors of the season have found their way onto restaurant menus—food and adult beverage alike. Bartenders are adding seasonal brews and crafting new seasonally inspired cocktails featuring many of the flavors and descriptors commonly associated with […]

Women and Beer

Now that I have your attention by mentioning the two things I’m told typical men think about most, allow me to connect the two in a way not traditionally done by the beer industry. Until recently, beer marketers have focused on wooing the most obvious target: adult male consumers, primarily white and typically 21–34 years […]