Savory Flavors See Growth on Adult Beverage Menus

Consumers keen on exploring new flavors in adult beverages aren’t limiting their flavor trial to drinks dominated by tropical fruits or other sweet tastes such as honey. Savory—even salty—flavors are coming to the fore in beer- and spirits-based beverages. Mexican micheladas (beer cocktails made with lime juice, salt and/or spices, and usually tomato juice or […]

Tapping Into a Trend: Kegged Cocktails

“Efficiency” doesn’t get a lot of mentions in discussions of the craft cocktail movement—saving time wasn’t the goal of the shift toward offering more thoughtfully crafted, carefully built libations. But efficiency remains a top concern for operators looking to maximize their adult beverage profits, especially in light of the fact that drink sales slowed in […]

Mocktails Make Their Mark in the U.K.

Who says that drinks need spirits to be spirited? The beverage-craftsmanship revolution that has transformed how U.K. consumers (not to mention restaurants and bars) think about cocktails has now made its way to mocktails. The Wall Street Journal recently chronicled mocktails’ moment in the sun in the U.S.; in the U.K., mocktails were one of […]

Blackberry Bonanza? Adult Beverage Flavor Outlook for 2014

Last month, Firmenich, a Swiss company that analyzes and produces fragrances and flavorings, named blackberry its 2014 flavor of the year. Its reasoning? Consumers are craving more-complex but still approachable tastes, and blackberries—described by one Firmenich director as sweet, jammy, spicy and “even floral,” according to Food Product Design—fit the bill. Plus, blackberries play well […]

Bars Serve Up Seasonal Spirit with Holiday Movie Cocktails

Combine two beloved holiday traditions—consuming adult beverages and enjoying classic Christmas movies—and what’s the result? Holiday-movie-inspired cocktails, now on offer at several bars that celebrate getting into the seasonal spirit with spirits. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of drinks that give a nod to both traditional and modern holiday film and TV favorites. As […]

Sweetness and Spice at the Bar for the Holidays

Are there more holiday lights up than usual a week before Thanksgiving, or is it just us? Some consumers, at least, seem to be more than ready to get into the holiday spirit, and restaurant and bar operators are gearing up to welcome them—and everyone else celebrating or seeking a quick break from the Most […]

New Tiki Bars Tap Into Rum’s Diversity

Seasonal libations are always a winner on bar menus, but there’s also something especially appealing come winter about drinks that defy whatever weather nastiness lurks outside. Fortunately for the country’s legions of “umbrella drink” fans, a new crop of cocktail bars is devoting fresh attention to the formerly maligned tiki-drinks genre, and these establishments—some overtly […]

Technomic Sees Fall Flavors Surge in Vodka

Seasonal favorites inform and inspire cocktails Cranberry, caramel, apple and pumpkin are among the flavors showing up in flavored vodkas this fall, serving as inspiration for seasonal cocktails, according to the recent Seasonal Strategies micro-report on Technomic’s online DRINK database. Vodka suppliers and restaurant, bar and other on-premise operators are tapping into favorite and emerging […]

How Gin Can Stage a Comeback (Really)

For how long have adult-beverage industry watchers and cocktail enthusiasts been looking for gin to make a comeback? The botanicals-enhanced spirit has seemed at least in some respects to be well-positioned to take advantage of recent cocktail trends; most notable among these are renewed enthusiasm for classic cocktails and consumers’ growing interest in exploring spirits […]

A New Age for Cocktail Mixers

Today’s consumers are discerning, especially when it comes to their cocktails and mixed drinks. Half of consumers (51 percent) call or specify their desired spirit brand when ordering a cocktail in a bar or restaurant, according to our BarTAB Report. Of those who do, 90 percent say they call for spirit brands they also stock […]