Mashups Disrupt Menus

Mashup food items are currently at the center of menu innovation, especially at the QSR level. These mashups cause quite a stir in the press and are often backed by large publicity and multimedia campaigns. Most are limited-time offers or test items but some are launched as permanent menu items. They are meant to garner […]

Technomic’s Take: 2015 Food Trends

The restaurant industry is evolving faster than ever, according to leading food research and consulting firm Technomic. Technology, consumer and menu trends are all revolutionizing foodservice. Technomic lays out 10 trends that its consultants and experts believe may be transformative in 2015. Predictions are based on Technomic research including consumer and operator surveys and site […]

Differentiation in the Canadian Pizza Landscape

The basic cheese, red sauce and one- or two-topping pizza pie is ubiquitous in Canada; 68% of consumers order either a plain cheese pizza or build their own pizza with a few toppings, according to Technomic’s 2014 Canadian Pizza Consumer Trend Report. The pizza category, however, has always been known for innovation, as operators don’t hesitate […]

Fast Casuals Seek to Be a Destination for Snacks

In November, Technomic identified “Every daypart is a snack daypart” as one of its 10 foodservice trends for 2014. New consumer numbers from our 2014 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report bear that out: A slight majority of U.S. consumers (51%) say they snack at least twice a day. That’s up from 48% who said the […]