Cocktail Customization Appearing on Drink Menus

Consumers want customizable options when it comes to foodservice, and this interest is spilling over into adult beverages as well. Restaurants and bars are adding create-your-own specialty cocktails to menus, offering customers the ability to build a drink they are far more likely to enjoy. Customizable specialty cocktails often spotlight pre-selected, non-alcohol ingredients, but encourage […]

Why Seafood is Poised to Break Out in Fast Casual

While only 6% of seafood entrées on menus in the United States occur at fast-casual restaurants, the segment is hardly swimming upstream when it comes to the potential for selling fresh fish or shellfish. In fact, as Technomic suggested in its recent “Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report,” fast-casual seafood may […]

Most Consumers Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Fast Casual

Consumers like the variety offered on the menu at fast-casual restaurants, but that does not necessarily mean they’re looking to spice things up with a lot of change. There are several ways fast-casual brands provide variety to consumers, either by having just a handful of items that can be customized however customers want or by […]

Consumer Trends Continue to Evolve in 2015

It’s difficult to anticipate the next shift in restaurant consumers’ preferences and need states, but operators can count on one expectation heading into 2015: Consumers will expect more from their brands, especially in the areas of technological amenities and food quality. Meeting those evolving demands will require restaurant leaders to invest heavily in their brands. […]

Canadian Consumers Connect Customization to Value

The proliferation of create-it-yourself menu items (such as the build-your-own-burger option at Montana’s Cookhouse) and concepts (Subway, et al) is evidence that consumers want the ability to customize their food to their exact specifications. Interestingly, many of them also feel customization options can enhance a restaurant’s value proposition. Two-fifths of consumers (41%) polled for Technomic’s […]

Snacks: A Growth Opportunity for Canadian Restaurants

Snacking is ingrained behaviour—75% of consumers snack daily—and data from Technomic’s 2014 Canadian Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report point to opportunities for restaurant operators to increase incremental traffic and sales through snacks. Most consumers feel there is room for improvement regarding the snacks available at restaurants. A minority of consumers report that limited-service (38%) and […]

U.K. Menu Trends: Build-Your-Own Gains Strength

Within the U.K., as in the U.S. and Canada, the number of food items on menus at limited- and full-service restaurants actually shrank from Q4 2012 to Q4 2013. This suggests that operators are taking a closer look at their offerings to determine how they can present the tightest, most impactful menu possible. One alternative […]

Customization Craving Helps Propel Fast-Casual Restaurants in Canada

Build-your-own menu items are one of the hallmarks of the fast-casual segment, and the surging popularity of concepts riding the personalization wave is hardly surprising—after all, today’s consumers are used to customizing everything from their social-media displays to the temperature on their side of the car. In 2011, fast-casual restaurants on Technomic’s Canadian Top 200 […]

Extreme Customization: D-I-Y Dining in Canada

Influenced by the larger trend around customization, menus and concepts that emphasize a do-it-yourself experience stand out as a differentiated dining occasion that highlights fun and interaction for consumers. Technomic’s recent Canadian Menu Positioning & Occasion Driver Consumer Trend Report highlighted some interesting ways operators can court customers looking for a fun night out. Assembly-Required […]