Innovative Desserts Can Boost Check Averages and Drive Off-Peak Traffic

Restaurants can seize opportunity to indulge diners’ appetites for new flavors at meal’s end Consumers love dessert: 63% indulge at least once a week. While most customers tend to favor standard sweets like cookies, cakes and pies, many seek to finish their restaurant meals with something new, according to Technomic’s Dessert Consumer Trend Report. The […]

Making the Most of Dessert Menu Space

Technomic’s MenuMonitor online resource reveals that dessert menus are contracting in the U.K., as many restaurant operators are deciding it’s not worthwhile from either a cost or an operations perspective to maintain lengthy lists of post-meal treats. Interestingly, that contraction is even more pronounced in the full-service restaurant sector, where the number of desserts on offer […]

Location, location, location! [Infographic]

Convenience is a key consideration in foodservice occasions, and a restaurant’s location can be the defining factor of ease. This week’s Consumer Flash infographic visualizes how a convenient location contributes to the value equation and is a driving force in a variety of restaurant occasions. Having trouble viewing our Infographic in Firefox? Try installing the latest Firefox […]

Batter Days Ahead: Pancakes, Waffles Surge on U.K. Menus

Recently, we talked about the numerous restaurant chains rolling out more-healthful choices on their breakfast menus. Today, we’re exploring a selection of menu items at the other end of the breakfast spectrum: sweet, indulgent pancakes and waffles. Pancakes, a staple of American diners, appeal on several levels for operators and consumers alike. They’re unfancy and […]

Dessert Mash-Ups Positioned for Canadian Success

Dessert mash-ups, or two popular desserts combined to form a synergistic hybrid, are popping up at independent restaurants, bakeries and sweet shops across Canada, largely as a result of the success of Chef Dominique Ansel’s Cronut in May. These desserts may also begin to crop up on Top 250 restaurant chain menus, as reported in […]

How Dessert Occasions are Evolving

Even though “dessert” tends to be defined in the traditional sense—baked goods or frozen desserts eaten after a meal—this mealpart is evolving to encompass a wider variety of items and occasions. The restaurant industry is also ramping up its dessert efforts, with some chains seeking add-on sales via new, indulgent offerings or even upscaled lines […]

As Definition of Dessert Grows, So Does Consumption, Finds Technomic

What is dessert? That’s a question consumers are answering more broadly than in years past, when dessert was largely defined as a sweet ending to the dinner meal. In fact, compared to two years ago, more of today’s consumers tell Technomic that they’re eating dessert items during both midmorning and midafternoon hours as both snacks […]

Driving Dessert Sales at Fast-Casual Restaurants

They’re matches made in food-nostalgia heaven: a sandwich and a cookie; a burger and a shake. And for fast-casual restaurants, sweet treats such as cookies and milkshakes offer not-insignificant potential to raise check averages. Consumers’ appetite for dessert is on the rise: 40% of consumers polled for Technomic’s newly released 2013 Dessert Consumer Trend Report […]

Dessert Developments at U.K. Restaurants

Consumers are interested in a broad range of desserts, including those featuring liqueur-infused or unique flavours. Operators can consider offering these items—as well as the usual favourites—to add variety to the dessert menu. For the recent U.K. Flavour Consumer Trend Report, Technomic asked survey respondents about their flavour preferences for dessert. While some desserts such […]