Forecasting the Future of Fast Casual

It’s no secret that fast casual has experienced a remarkable amount of growth, attracting an increasing number of players to the segment. So what’s next for this powerhouse segment within the industry? Well, if the fast-casual sector has a natural growth limit, we’re not seeing it yet, but what we do see are some challenges […]

Are You Experience-Focused?

Is your restaurant experience-oriented? Those of us in the foodservice industry hear a lot about how important the overall dining-out experience is to consumers when they’re evaluating a restaurant concept and whether to return to it. It’s the idea that the whole of a restaurant visit is greater than the sum of its parts (e.g. […]

Fast-Casual Challenges: When ‘Good’ Isn’t Good Enough

A friend recently raved to me about a great burger he had had from a fast-casual spot that opened recently along his route home from work. The burger and toppings were solid, the fries were tasty, and the price was right, he reported. That’s great, I replied; where was it? He couldn’t remember the name […]