Canada’s bar and restaurant scene undergoes a tiki revolution

There’s an unmistakable revival of the tiki bar in major cities across Canada. Operators are opening up contemporary versions of these once-tacky 1970’s drinking outposts. This next wave of island-inspired bars features quality rum-based drinks and authentic food in exotic, fun environments. In Toronto, the foodservice scene is observing a particularly booming industry of independent […]

Offering a Balance of Unique and Familiar Flavours Key to Ethnic Menu Success

Across Canada, ethnic fare consumption is trending up, specifically among younger consumers. According to the Technomic’s 2015 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report, ethnic fare is a source of exploration and nostalgia for younger diners. However, Technomic’s research reveals that despite significant interest in ethnic flavours and cuisines, unfamiliarity with ethnic ingredients can deter some consumers from […]

Familiarity would breed sales growth for ethnic foods

More Canadian consumers likely would be eating interesting ethnic food and flavours—if only they knew what they were missing. I’m not passing judgement on their lacking a taste for adventure; I’m citing a key finding of the Canadian Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report. According to the study, unfamiliarity with ethnic foods is the […]

Fast-Casual Spring Menu Items Bring the Heat

Spicy flavors are here to stay, driven by the men and younger consumers who prefer them. As temperatures rise outside, fast-casual restaurants are bringing the heat to the menu as well. The “spicy” callout is still growing on fast-casual menus, up about 3% from the first quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2015, […]

Adult Beverage Industry Goes Global

Exotic spirits from around the world are becoming popular with consumers in the U.S. Spirits like cachaça from Brazil and mezcal from Mexico have been making their mark in the U.S. as drinkers view them as trendy, exotic options. This interest in global alcohol and ethnic cuisine, in general, has opened up some space within […]

Trending in Fast Casual: A Sandwich by Any Other Name

Later this month, Technomic will release the 2014 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report, with new data and insights on Americans’ sandwich consumption behaviors, attitudes and preferences. As a prelude to that, we wanted to highlight how fast-casual restaurants are serving up interesting global takes on the standard bread-with-fillings format. Fast-casual concepts have established themselves as leaders […]

Global Apps: Ethnic Flavours Add Interest on Canadian Appetizer Menus

Canadian restaurant operators are enlivening their appetizer and starter menus with bold, creative flavours that draw inspiration from popular street foods across the globe. Around one-third of consumers polled for Technomic’s recent Canadian Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report said they order appetizers on most or all of their restaurant occasions, suggesting there’s […]