Burgers Are Back—Again

When it closed its initial public offering in January, Shake Shack had raised more than $112 million—which MarketWatch calculated as about $150 for each burger it sold last year. The Habit Burger Grill had a similarly spectacular IPO in November, and excitement is building for Smashburger’s expected stock-market debut later this year. Does the outsize […]

How Fast-Food Capitalized on Changing Breakfast Needs

Many consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, but the needs of morning consumers are evolving. Fast-food operators have recognized these changes and stepped up to fill the gaps, providing healthy, inexpensive breakfast options for on-the-go Canadian consumers. Although 73% of Canadian breakfast consumers acknowledge that it is unhealthy to skip […]

Most Consumers Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Fast Casual

Consumers like the variety offered on the menu at fast-casual restaurants, but that does not necessarily mean they’re looking to spice things up with a lot of change. There are several ways fast-casual brands provide variety to consumers, either by having just a handful of items that can be customized however customers want or by […]

Five Key Fast-Casual Findings from Technomic’s LSR Report

We’ve discussed the threat of growing pains for the fast-casual restaurant segment, as the fast-casual space becomes more crowded and fast-food and casual-dining concepts aim to reclaim some of the business they’ve lost to the new(er) kids on the restaurant block. Now, new research from Technomic’s Future of LSR: Fast-Food & Fast-Casual Restaurant Consumer Trend […]

Technology as a Driver of Limited-Service Restaurant Visits

Despite their low check average relative to full-service concepts, limited-service restaurants (LSRs) account for half of all foodservice sales; they posted earnings of $231 billion in 2013. The segment’s success is in visit frequency, as 64 percent of consumers report visiting fast-food concepts once a week and 40 percent report visiting fast-casuals with that frequency. […]

Does Taco Bell’s Fast-Casual Entry Have a Chance?

Taco Bell is following the lead of its YUM! sister brand KFC, which entered the fast-casual market last year. KFC Eleven features hand-crafted food—flatbreads, rice bowls and KFC Boneless Original Recipe Chicken—in a more contemporary environment. Taco Bell’s new fast-casual concept, U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom, provides the chain an opportunity to move into […]

A Fried-Chicken Renaissance in the U.K.

Fried chicken is getting fresh love in the U.K., with new chicken-focused limited-service concepts rolling out and established full-service brands debuting new, “Southern-style” chicken offerings. Why the resurgent interest in fried chicken, decades after quick-service chains began offering buckets of it as a convenient family meal solution? For upstart chicken concepts, it’s just that fact: […]

Fast Casual vs. Quick Service: What Matters to Consumers?

Players within the fast-casual restaurant segment tend to separate themselves from “fast food” by touting their better food and beverage, more-sophisticated atmosphere and enhanced service, all at prices not much higher than those at quick-service chains. However, Technomic’s latest “Understanding Fast-Casual Restaurants and Their Consumers” report finds that customers aren’t necessarily making those distinctions. Using […]

True or False: Testing Common Assumptions about Quick-Service Restaurants

To the general population, fast food means hungry guys scarfing down less-than-palatable food, kiddies persuading families to go to McDonald’s Play Place, and less interest in quality than in convenience. Technomic’s latest Understanding Quick Service Restaurants and Their Customers report emphasizes that commonly held beliefs about quick-service restaurants (QSRs) aren’t always that simple, or even […]