Alcohol Beverage Flavor Trends 2015: The Buzz on Honey

Swiss flavorings and fragrances maker Firmenich is out with its annual Flavor of the Year proclamation, and the company’s top taste for 2015 is…honey. Within the alcohol beverage world, pure honey has been a sweet addition to specialty drinks and to flavored spirits in recent years, but you could be forgiven for thinking that honey’s […]

Ginger Beer Kicks Up Cocktail Menus

It’s the fizzy little mixer that could: Ginger beer is lending its spicy bite to a range of contemporary cocktails at bars and restaurants across the country, and its menu appearances are soaring. The more-assertive cousin to ginger ale comes in alcohol and non-alcohol varieties; the non-alcohol brands that are prevalent on-premise can do double […]

The Sriracha Surge at U.S. Restaurants

The Thai hot sauce known as Sriracha is not a new condiment on American menus. In fact, the bright red sauce has been on Top 500 menus for the last decade and was profiled as a trend to watch in Technomic’s MenuClips in May 2013. However, we’re seeing Sriracha used now more than ever, and […]

Restaurants Transform Soft Drinks into ‘Hard’ Drinks

The big soda manufacturers and their new-age dispensers that let guests customize their drinks to their unique specifications using any of number of flavors are not the only beverage innovators in the business today. Restaurants and bars are wise to consumers’ desire for soft drinks with unique flavor profiles, and have created alcohol beverages that […]

Canadian Consumers Want More Interesting Sandwich Options

You can’t blame restaurants for trying. Recent menu innovations have been particularly noticeable in the sandwich category, including spicy options such as Subway’ Sriracha Steak Melt, healthy options like Tim Hortons’ Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and premium options such as Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. However, echoing the sentiments of U.S. consumers, Canadians say recent innovations […]

Adult Beverages: Shot or Straight, Flavor Reigns

Vodka and tequila remain the favored spirits for shot or straight consumption on-premise, according to the recently released 2014 SpiritsTAB Report, but calls for American and Canadian whisk(e)y have increased since 2013. Driving that trend is the overall shift toward whiskeys and the advent of flavored whiskeys and whiskey-flavored liqueurs including Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Red […]

Wine’s Winning Ways with U.S. Consumers

Caught up in craft-beer mania? You may have missed the news last week that—zut alors!—the U.S. has overtaken France as the biggest wine market in the world. U.S. wine purchases climbed in 2013 while France’s wine-buying slid, the International Vine and Wine Organization found—tracking with data from Technomic’s 2014 Trends in Adult Beverage State of […]

Highlights of Spring on the Menu in the U.K.

It’s one of the most awaited times of the year for chefs and many consumers alike: Spring is making its grand return on menus, with the fresh flavours of the season offering a bright, welcome change of pace from winter’s heavier comfort-food fare. Limited- and full-service U.K. restaurants are highlighting favourite spring ingredients such as […]

Bold New Barbecue Items for Summer on Canadian Menus

’Tis the season (finally) for barbecue, and Canadian restaurant operators are ready to satisfy consumer cravings for the smoky flavours of the grill with an assortment of new ’cue offerings. One highlight of several selections on menus this spring is multilayered barbecue flavours—for example, chipotle-honey barbecue sauce (at Montana’s Cookhouse), a Korean barbecue glaze (at […]

Savory Flavors See Growth on Adult Beverage Menus

Consumers keen on exploring new flavors in adult beverages aren’t limiting their flavor trial to drinks dominated by tropical fruits or other sweet tastes such as honey. Savory—even salty—flavors are coming to the fore in beer- and spirits-based beverages. Mexican micheladas (beer cocktails made with lime juice, salt and/or spices, and usually tomato juice or […]