5 Ways Expanding Dayparts Can Help Boost Sales

Consumers are growing more flexible in terms of when and how they seek and consume food and beverage, as demonstrated by the rise of snacking, small plates, all-day breakfast and on-demand delivery. Restaurants keeping a pulse on the foodservice industry are likely already expanding their dayparts in an effort to maximize their sales. Here are […]

Consumer Trends Continue to Evolve in 2015

It’s difficult to anticipate the next shift in restaurant consumers’ preferences and need states, but operators can count on one expectation heading into 2015: Consumers will expect more from their brands, especially in the areas of technological amenities and food quality. Meeting those evolving demands will require restaurant leaders to invest heavily in their brands. […]

On-Campus Canadian Foodservice: Two Key Opportunities for Growth

Canadian colleges and universities have been boosting interest in on-campus foodservice through fresh, high-quality fare. While these efforts have had a positive impact on visitation, meal plan enrolment is faltering. Just 21 percent of students participate in their school’s meal plan, a decrease from 30 percent of students polled in 2011, signaling a need for […]

Are U.K. Restaurants Anti-Social?

Maybe not, but if they’re like the majority of U.K. companies, their relationship with social media could be significantly friendlier. A recent survey from Aspect Software, an American customer contact firm, found that most U.K. companies don’t interact with consumers via social media. This isn’t to say they don’t have a social-media presence at some […]

Four Lessons from Food Trucks

In June, street food will return to the actual streets of Montreal for the first time in 66 years. Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum touted the end of the long-standing street-food ban at a news conference last week, saying the city hopes mobile food trucks will help show off uniquely Montreal fare. Love them or hate […]

Food Trucks Rolling onto College and University Campuses

Foodservice is among the many selling features that colleges and universities use to attract students to their schools. The sophisticated and demanding palates of college students have led colleges and universities to incorporate many of today’s hot restaurant trends into their foodservice offerings, such as: Customizability—Made to order, ability to select ingredients, personalized, etc. Social […]

Food Trucks on a Roll in the U.K.

A fun, hip dining option in big-city markets like London, food trucks are poised to become highly competitive in high-traffic areas as their presence and popularity increase. Food-truck purveyors connect the appeal of flavourful “street food” to the convenience factor provided by a mobile takeaway format that meets the consumer right where they are. While […]