Retail Foodservice Primed to Steal Share From Restaurants

Technomic’s Canadian Retailer Meal Solutions Consumer Trend Report shows that Canadian consumers increasingly view retail foodservice as offering higher quality, fresher, and more unique and healthful food than its fast-food restaurant competition. Due in part to increased focus on fresh prepared food at retail outlets and the expansion of these offerings to new retail channels, we estimate […]

How the Next Decade Will Make or Break Food Brands

Technomic forecasts the food industry grow to more than $2 trillion in annual sales by 2025, which certainly seems like a giant number. However, that headline figure comprises growth from many categories, each of which offers the opportunity to gain market share to companies that recognize changing consumer preferences and invest in innovation. According to […]

Retailer Renaissance in Fresh Prepared Foods

Retailer forays into fresh prepared foods (also called retail meal solutions) are not new. For over 20 years, supermarkets and other retailers have tried their hand at offering customers fresh lunch and dinner alternatives. (Breakfast is an entirely different story.) But until the last four to five years, retailer activities were largely ineffective as few […]