Digging Deeper into Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Labeling

We all know that gluten-free has been trending for a while, in fact, in 2014 it was the most prevalent and fastest-growing health claim used by chains in Technomic’s Top 500. Due to the growing demand for gluten-free food options, many restaurants now offer separate gluten-free menus. In the retail space, however, brands are capitalizing […]

Consumers Increasingly Want to Know What’s in Their Food, Reveals New Technomic Study

Today’s healthy food tells a story, and consumers want to hear it. Recent research by Technomic shows that most consumers want restaurants to be more transparent about menu-item ingredients. Further, two in five consumers cite a rising concern over food additives. Because of this growing concern, health claims that convey wholesome, pure ingredients resonate strongly. […]

In the U.K., ‘Gluten-Free’ Going Strong

Regardless of your personal take on the gluten-free trend, it remains one of the most salient in foodservice today, more than half a decade after “gluten-free” joined the common vernacular. Consider this: At U.K. chain and independent pubs and restaurants tracked in Technomic’s MenuMonitor database, the number of entrées/mains described as “gluten-free” climbed more than 22% from […]

More Canadian Restaurants Get on Board with Gluten-Free

Technomic’s MenuMonitor online resource finds that “gluten‐free” is currently the top health claim on Canadian menus, beating out other health-related terms such as “vegetarian,” “organic” and “natural.” The rise of gluten-free offerings to appeal to not just to those with a gluten intolerance but also those avoiding the wheat protein for different dietary reasons has been one of the most […]

In Canada, Building Better “Better for You” Burgers

Technomic’s recent Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report offers an in-depth look at consumers’ burger preferences and ordering habits across a range of restaurant segments. One key takeaway from the report is that a significant share of Canadian diners—and in particular, younger diners—are looking not just for better burgers but also for burgers they believe to […]

The Gluten-Free Opportunity in Adult Beverages

Is gluten-free the new skinny? As celebrities from Lady Gaga to Andy Murray and many everyday Americans eschew gluten, numerous food and beverage producers are touting their products’ gluten-free status or rolling out items sans the gluey protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Adult beverage producers are no exception. The gluten-free opportunity is an […]

Chefs Up Their Grains Game in Canada

What’s old is new: Canadian chefs are rediscovering flavourful ancient grains, according to the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association. Following a January survey of 350 professional chefs, the association named ancient grains such as spelt and amaranth to its list of the top 10 Canadian menu trends for 2013. Noodles made from buckwheat—as in traditional […]

Canadian Restaurant Operators Answer the Call for Gluten-Free

Celiac disease affects nearly 1% of the population, according to Healthy Canadians, a subset of the Government of Canada’s Health Canada division. These individuals must maintain a strict gluten-free diet. Other consumers—gluten-intolerant or not—perceive gluten-free fare to be healthier. Both gluten-intolerance and perceptions about the healthfulness of gluten-free foods (whether real or imagined) have direct […]

Health-Halo Terms Rise, Fall on U.K. Restaurant Menus

“Gluten-free.” “Organic.” “Natural.” U.K. restaurant operators are fairly sure that these “health-halo” terms matter to their customers. But they’re less sure about how to develop menu items around these concepts, and then effectively convey these offerings via their menus. Technomic’s exclusive menu-tracking database, MenuMonitor, finds that three of the leading health-halo terms—gluten-free, organic and natural—have […]