Craft Beer Interest Increasing Worldwide

Americans aren’t they only ones thirsting for U.S. craft beers. Foreign companies and consumers alike are clamoring for these brews and are tapping into the trend in various ways. For example, patrons at the recently opened Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub in Helsinki can quaff Tommyknocker Pick Axe IPA, Hop Strike Black IPA, Imperial Nut Brown, […]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better as ‘Better’ Grows Bigger in 2014

Goliaths are getting a little unsteady on their feet, and Davids are flexing their muscles. Technomic’s upcoming 2015 Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report shows that Subway has been dethroned as the No. 2 chain in America, falling to Starbucks—which grew U.S. sales 8.2% in 2014. Starbucks and other beverage chains capitalized on today’s 24-7 snacking […]

Irish for More than a Day

Everyone’s Irish today, and like good Irishmen, many will dutifully be imbibing Irish whiskey. Calls for the spirit spike around the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, but Irish whiskey is holding strong to its designation as the fastest-growing spirits category. Its rate of expansion appears to have slowed, but the growth is off a larger base; […]

Time to Accept Reality—and Find Ways to Grow

Five years after the Great Recession, U.S. restaurant growth remains slow. Technomic’s new forecast shows sales growing one percent after inflation in 2014, just as they did in 2013. (We are seeing some movement of consumer dollars from one segment to another—fast-casual restaurants are still gaining market share while sales remain soft for most casual-dining […]

Going Global: Canadian Chains Chart International Path to Growth

Restaurant industry analysts and investors are anticipating the release next week of Tim Hortons’ new strategic plan, which will detail how the company plans to shore up sales and boost performance both in Canada and in its challenged U.S. operations. The chain’s struggles south of the border are well-documented and demonstrate the difficulties that even […]

The Paradox of Growth

Growth is good, right? From marketers of adult beverage brands to wholesalers and operators of retail stores, restaurants and bars, everyone involved in this industry is looking for growth opportunities. Everyone wants their brand to be the “next big thing”—the one that’s delivering the big numbers. Small-batch, hand-crafted and local are all the rage today, […]

Divergent Trends, Positive Outlook for On-Premise Adult Beverages

The on-premise aspect of the drinks business is a tough one to get your arms around. It’s multifaceted; outlets range from corner pubs to casual-dining restaurants to 60,000-square-foot nightclubs, which can open and close quickly. Pours at each of those locations can occur in slightly different quantities and with varying degrees of accuracy, and marks-ups […]