Ginger Gets Edgy: Craft Cider Heats Up with Ginger’s Peppery Punch

Riding on the coattails of craft beer, craft cider‘s star is certainly on the rise. Millennials’ away-from-home consumption increased 5% since 2012, with hard cider representing approximately 1% of the total beer category. But in a booming market of 426 hard cider producers, how does one stand out in a crowd? The Bacon and Beer […]

Apple craze continues with ciders, flavors in adult beverages

Although apple is a staple during fall, we are seeing the flavor emerge year-round in adult beverages. Much of this popularity can be attributed to the growth of the hard cider segment, which is grabbing the attention of both consumers and adult beverage companies. However, beyond cider, major players in the industry are also investing […]

Cider is Trending Up

Fall may be high season for apples, but hard ciders are exploding just in time for summer. Serious craft beer fans have long loved ciders, and thanks to a number of new product rollouts and introductions by major marketers that quickly earned broad distribution, the crisp, refreshing and effervescent beverages now are attracting attention from […]