How the Next Decade Will Make or Break Food Brands

Technomic forecasts the food industry grow to more than $2 trillion in annual sales by 2025, which certainly seems like a giant number. However, that headline figure comprises growth from many categories, each of which offers the opportunity to gain market share to companies that recognize changing consumer preferences and invest in innovation. According to […]

Fast Casuals Smooth Over Health Concerns with ‘Buff’ Items

Diet trends come and go—the South Beach and Atkins crazes of a decade ago have given way to today’s “paleo” and “primal” diets—but considerations about health and nutrition are a constant. Today, consumers want to maintain their health but still use restaurants to indulge. The latest round of menu development in fast casual reflects this […]

5 Charts That Explain McDonald’s Move Toward Antibiotic-Free Chicken

A major portion of McDonald’s supply chain is getting the Chipotle Mexican Grill treatment, as the world’s largest burger chain will begin sourcing chicken only from poultry suppliers that don’t use human antibiotics on their animals. Leaders of the Golden Arches also announced McDonald’s would only sell milk from cows that have not been treated […]

Increasing Options for Healthy Eaters

Canadians’ health, and the role diet plays, has been a hot topic in the news recently as consumers continue to call for more labelling and transparency in foodservice. A recent study covered in a story by The Globe and Mail showed that from 2010 to 2013, many Canadian restaurant chains failed to reduce sodium in […]

‘Local’ Gets Love on Fast-Casual Menus

This week, Technomic released its list of 10 trends for 2015. From “small-minded” (reflecting shrinking, laser-focused menus and smaller-portion options) to “bitter is the new bold,” these trends have important implications for fast-casual restaurants, and we’ll explore several of these in the coming weeks. I want to start, though, by looking at a topic we […]

Canadian Beverage Occasions Rely on More Than Health Factors

Beverages have always been an integral component of the foodservice industry. In recent years, an increasing focus on health has been pushing operators to create better-for-you beverages, such as whole-fruit smoothies. Technomic’s MenuMonitor shows fruit smoothies have grown by 40% on Top 250 Canadian limited-service restaurant menus since 2012. Additionally, we are seeing beverage concepts […]

In the U.K., ‘Gluten-Free’ Going Strong

Regardless of your personal take on the gluten-free trend, it remains one of the most salient in foodservice today, more than half a decade after “gluten-free” joined the common vernacular. Consider this: At U.K. chain and independent pubs and restaurants tracked in Technomic’s MenuMonitor database, the number of entrées/mains described as “gluten-free” climbed more than 22% from […]

U.K. Restaurants Court Health Seekers with Superfoods

Why just offer “healthy” when you can offer “super”? Such seems to be the thinking of a growing number of U.K. restaurant operators, now debuting menu items made with nutrition-packed “superfoods” such as spinach, salmon, kale, beans and spirulina (a type of algae). Consumers’ understanding of healthful eating has evolved to focus not strictly on what’s […]

More Canadian Restaurants Get on Board with Gluten-Free

Technomic’s MenuMonitor online resource finds that “gluten‐free” is currently the top health claim on Canadian menus, beating out other health-related terms such as “vegetarian,” “organic” and “natural.” The rise of gluten-free offerings to appeal to not just to those with a gluten intolerance but also those avoiding the wheat protein for different dietary reasons has been one of the most […]

What U.K. Consumers Crave in Pizzas

Just how popular is pizza in the U.K.? Nearly two-thirds of U.K. consumers eat pizza at least once a month, new Technomic research finds—and one-quarter dine on pizza weekly. Those figures come courtesy of Technomic’s Status & Outlook of the U.K. Pizza Category and Its Customers study, released this month in co-operation with the Pizza, […]