Additive-free burgers grow in Canada

Now, more than ever, consumers are paying attention to what goes into their food. Public scrutiny is intensifying over additives and their impact on health. Consumers are turning to “health-halo” labels like organic, all-natural and sustainable to feel good about what they eat. In fact, research from Technomic’s 2015 Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report reveals […]

Fast Casuals Smooth Over Health Concerns with ‘Buff’ Items

Diet trends come and go—the South Beach and Atkins crazes of a decade ago have given way to today’s “paleo” and “primal” diets—but considerations about health and nutrition are a constant. Today, consumers want to maintain their health but still use restaurants to indulge. The latest round of menu development in fast casual reflects this […]

U.K. Restaurants Court Health Seekers with Superfoods

Why just offer “healthy” when you can offer “super”? Such seems to be the thinking of a growing number of U.K. restaurant operators, now debuting menu items made with nutrition-packed “superfoods” such as spinach, salmon, kale, beans and spirulina (a type of algae). Consumers’ understanding of healthful eating has evolved to focus not strictly on what’s […]

What Drives Canadian Soup & Salad Occasions?

Soup, a traditional comfort food, and salad, quintessential healthy fare, are significant parts of the Canadian diet. Nearly three-fifths of consumers prepare soup (55 percent) and salad (59 percent) at home at least once a week. Further, these offerings hold similar weight in foodservice settings; 50 percent order soup at least some of the times […]

Salmon Swims onto Fast-Casual Menus

Fast-casual restaurants are hoping to hook health-conscious diners with a wide range of hearty salmon selections. Salmon’s incidence on fast-casual menus climbed more than 13% in Q4 2013 over the same period in 2012, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor database. There are plenty of salmon salads, yes, but salmon also is surging as an alternative burger […]

What Consumers Are Looking for in Salads

Options, options, options: If there’s one theme to be gleaned from Technomic’s new Left Side of the Menu: Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, it’s that consumers want more options when it comes to restaurant salads. They want choices of portion sizes, and to be able to bundle salads with other items (especially sandwiches). They […]

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Flavours Shine in U.K.

U.K. restaurant operators are employing the bright flavours of the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East in a range of freshness-focused new dishes. And whether these tastes are starring in vegetarian selections or adding an unexpected twist to a burger, they’re letting operators capitalise on rising consumer interest in exploring a variety of global flavours. Notably, […]

Redefining ‘Healthy’ at Fast-Casual Restaurants

Last week, Palo Alto, CA-based LYFE Kitchen opened its first Chicago unit. The chain, which boasts a culinary team headed by celebrity chef Art Smith, is part of a small cohort of fast-casual concepts looking to bridge the gap between vegetarian/vegan restaurants that attract a more-narrow health-seeking crowd and larger, not specifically health-focused concepts where […]

A Healthy Start: Better Breakfasts on U.K. Menus

They may be tempted by burgers, pizza and the like later in the day, but many consumers are looking to at least start the day on a healthful note. U.K. restaurant and pub operators increasingly are at the service of these health-minded morning guests: Quick-service and full-service chains alike are introducing better-for-you breakfast choices that […]

Seeing an Appetite for More-Healthful Ethnic Fare in the U.K.

Julian Metcalfe thinks U.K. consumers are hungry for more-healthful fast-food options—and he sees Asian-inspired flavours and recipes as the ideal vehicle for delivering these. Metcalfe, the Itsu founder previously best known for having co-founded Pret A Manger back in 1986, recently announced plans to expand his health-focused, Asian-fluenced fast-casual chain beyond London to Oxford—and eventually […]