How Fast Casual Can Win Hispanic Consumers

Restaurants cannot ignore the growing Hispanic population and the spending power these consumers hold. Understanding the needs and how to reach these consumers is crucial for any foodservice operation. Specific areas of opportunity exist in fast casual that could help entice Hispanic consumers to spend their foodservice dollars in the segment. Since 2013, Hispanic consumers’ […]

Fast Casuals Add Options Kids Enjoy, Parents Approve

Fast-casual restaurants’ reputation for healthy, high-quality food and its status with Millennials should make the segment top-of-mind for family dining-out occasions. Technomic’s latest menu data shows that some fast casuals are stepping up their kids’ menus in ways consistent with their values and positioning to capture these occasions. Technomic MenuMonitor data for the first quarter […]

Feeding Canada’s Healthy Families

The news last week that Food Network celebrity chef Corbin Tomaszeski is launching new healthy menu items such as kale Caesar salad and Parmesan zucchini sticks at hundreds of schools across Ontario has sparked a lively discussion here at Technomic. One parent says her child won’t eat anything but sweets, and no fresh and local […]

No Kidding: Kids’ Menus See Growth, Evolution in Canada

At the beginning of the year, we talked about the phenomenon of the incredible shrinking menu: Many Canadian restaurant operators are taking a scalpel to large and unwieldy menus to focus on executing core menu items well and improving operational efficiency. One section of the menu bucking the trend: kids’ menus. From Q4 2012 to Q4 […]

Celebrating Consumers’ Top-Rated Fast-Casual Restaurants

Back in July, I discussed six consumer expectations for fast-casual restaurants, culled from data from Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program. That ongoing survey asks real consumers about (among other things) where they eat, why they choose certain restaurants and what they look for from restaurants in different dining segments. Last week, Technomic had the privilege […]

Menu Matters: Creative U.K. Kids’ Choices

From adding more-healthful side dishes to offering scaled-down portions of adult mains, U.K. operators are focusing new attention on menu choices for their youngest guests. Here, we drill down into kids’ menus at U.K. full-service chain restaurants and highlight creative kids’ offerings that go way beyond chicken strips and chips. A sample of how U.K. […]

In the U.K., Kids’ Menus Grow Up

What better occasion than the addition of a new member of the royal family for a discussion of family dining in the U.K.? The same culinary and cultural trends driving changes on menus for adults are spurring rethinking of kids’ menus, too. Health and wellness are top concerns. While debates about causes of and solutions […]

Parental Guidance Suggested

According to Statistics Canada, 31 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 17 are classified as obese or overweight. Although this estimate has not changed significantly in recent years, the issue of childhood obesity continues to be a public health concern. As a parent, when I see data like this, I worry about […]