Why Seafood is Poised to Break Out in Fast Casual

While only 6% of seafood entrées on menus in the United States occur at fast-casual restaurants, the segment is hardly swimming upstream when it comes to the potential for selling fresh fish or shellfish. In fact, as Technomic suggested in its recent “Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report,” fast-casual seafood may […]

Most Consumers Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Fast Casual

Consumers like the variety offered on the menu at fast-casual restaurants, but that does not necessarily mean they’re looking to spice things up with a lot of change. There are several ways fast-casual brands provide variety to consumers, either by having just a handful of items that can be customized however customers want or by […]

Millennials and the New Foodservice Landscape

Marketers’ and the media’s obsession with Millennials (what do they like? what can brands do to get Millennials to like them more?) recently has seemed to have a thread of anxiety woven into it. Are Millennials really as avid in their foodservice use as they’re presumed to be? How will their foodservice use change in […]