How Shifting Health Priorities Will Change Foodservice in 2016

Per tradition, health is a foremost consideration in the New Year. But it’s not just in January that consumers are prioritizing foodservice health. Consumers are increasingly concerned about transparency—what’s in their food and where it came from—and operators and suppliers are feeling the heat. Technomic called out modernization of the supply chain as a 2016 […]

Save Room for Sales Growth by Making Dessert More Appealing

Dessert remains the ultimate add-on for most restaurant brands, a sweet layer of incremental sales that leaves a lasting positive impression for the guest when done right. Unfortunately, according to the Dessert Consumer Trend Report, slightly more of today’s consumers rarely or never eat dessert (14% vs. 11% in 2013) and two-thirds of these customers […]

One-Size-Fits All Is Out: How Consumers Vary by Market

Many restaurants are starting to adopt a more localized approach to menu development, marketing and operations to develop targeted strategies and offerings. Tailoring the experience to consumers in a particular market begins with understanding the local consumer. To that end, Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program allows operators and suppliers to filter consumer brand tracking data […]

‘Local’ Gets Love on Fast-Casual Menus

This week, Technomic released its list of 10 trends for 2015. From “small-minded” (reflecting shrinking, laser-focused menus and smaller-portion options) to “bitter is the new bold,” these trends have important implications for fast-casual restaurants, and we’ll explore several of these in the coming weeks. I want to start, though, by looking at a topic we […]

A Look at Local Sourcing in Fast-Casual Restaurants

Several fast-casual concepts are getting into the local-sourcing game, turning a commitment into sourcing super-fresh, high-quality ingredients and supporting local producers into a selling point. What “local” looks like at fast-casual restaurants varies. San Ramon, CA-based Straw Hat Pizza, for example, prides itself on sourcing fresh produce for its pies from within 150 miles of […]

In U.K., a Focus on Farm-to-Counter Dining

For the past several years, driven in part by the heightened connection consumers have made between ingredient sourcing and the quality of a finished food product, restaurant chains have worked to open a window for consumers into their supply chains. They’ve emphasized their use of local or regional ingredients and products that meet any number […]

A Call to Rally ‘Round the Pub

A new national consumer campaign being led by six pub groups asks U.K. consumers to share their take—via stories, photos and videos—on why life is better at their local pubs. The “It’s Better Down the Pub” campaign is meant to generate goodwill toward the pub industry, whose members consider themselves under attack variously by retailers […]

What’s “Healthy” at Restaurants? Consumers’ Definitions are Evolving

Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, but their perceptions of what is considered healthy eating at restaurants are also changing. Contemporary definitions of health are strongly associated with local, natural, organic and sustainable food and drink. Additionally, consumers are taking more of a balanced and personal approach to healthy eating—seeking out better-for-you foods, while enjoying occasional […]