McDonald’s Biggest Opportunity: McMuffins All Day or Higher Pay?

McDonald’s recently woke up and smelled the coffee, but I don’t mean the much buzzed-about test of all-day breakfast to begin soon in San Diego. I’m talking about last week’s other big McDonald’s story: its decision to raise the hourly wage for crew members at its approximately 1,500 company-owned stores in the United States. It […]

What Subway’s Sales Decline Says About the Restaurant Industry

Subway’s fall from second-largest restaurant chain to No. 3 in Technomic’s Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, the prevailing story line in a study full of intriguing developments, reveals a lot more than just how one brand is struggling to hold on to its market share. The chain’s 3.3% decrease in estimated annual sales means about […]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better as ‘Better’ Grows Bigger in 2014

Goliaths are getting a little unsteady on their feet, and Davids are flexing their muscles. Technomic’s upcoming 2015 Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report shows that Subway has been dethroned as the No. 2 chain in America, falling to Starbucks—which grew U.S. sales 8.2% in 2014. Starbucks and other beverage chains capitalized on today’s 24-7 snacking […]

5 Charts That Explain McDonald’s Move Toward Antibiotic-Free Chicken

A major portion of McDonald’s supply chain is getting the Chipotle Mexican Grill treatment, as the world’s largest burger chain will begin sourcing chicken only from poultry suppliers that don’t use human antibiotics on their animals. Leaders of the Golden Arches also announced McDonald’s would only sell milk from cows that have not been treated […]

It’s a Small World When it Comes to Menu Development

For all the talk these days about what McDonald’s can do to right its listing ship, surprisingly little has focused on tapping a huge reservoir of product development and marketing savvy: the chain’s international menus. Around the globe, McDonald’s serves up items that by American standards are quirky, tantalizing or sometimes just odd. Roundups of […]

Never Satisfied: Consumers Call for Even More Sandwich Innovation

Recent menu innovations have been particularly noticeable in the sandwich category, including Wendy’s Pretzel bacon cheeseburger, Subway’s limited-time Fiery Footlong collection, Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco, and McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin, among other examples. To be sure, menu innovation can be a key driver of success. In fact, in August 2013, Wendy’s reported that the […]

McDonald’s Move Puts Spotlight on Sustainable Sourcing

Back in November, Technomic identified “telling the sourcing story” as one of its five U.K. restaurant trends for 2014.  This week, McDonald’s made a new bold move to do just that, committing to begin buying “verified sustainable beef” in 2016. What defines or constitutes “sustainable beef” hasn’t been fully determined yet; McDonald’s plans to spend this […]

Coffee War Heats Up in Canada

This week, Tim Hortons announced it’s testing a new dark-roast coffee blend in two markets. It’s a significant move for the No. 1 restaurant chain in Canada as it looks to stave off competition from McDonald’s, Starbucks and other rising coffee players. And in a beverage market where new product introductions are dominated by frozen, frothy […]

Analyzing McDonald’s Canada’s Vegetarian-Friendly Move

McDonald’s Canada made headlines last week in adding two meatless entrée choices to its menu: two vegetarian varieties of its Signature McWraps. That McDonald’s would choose to add meatless choices to its menu isn’t all that surprising; that a burger wouldn’t be its go-to vehicle for doing so might be. In fact, McDonald’s Canada did […]

True or False: Testing Common Assumptions about Quick-Service Restaurants

To the general population, fast food means hungry guys scarfing down less-than-palatable food, kiddies persuading families to go to McDonald’s Play Place, and less interest in quality than in convenience. Technomic’s latest Understanding Quick Service Restaurants and Their Customers report emphasizes that commonly held beliefs about quick-service restaurants (QSRs) aren’t always that simple, or even […]