New Math for Technomic

We at Technomic spent the last day of August calling clients to break the big news that the world would learn the next day: Our company was being acquired by Winsight (formerly CSP Business Media). Most of them thought the deal was a stroke of genius. And when we compared notes with Winsight CEO Mike […]

Opportunity Exists for Fast Casuals to Boost Lunch Sales

We already know that fast-casual chains’ sales growth outpaces that of its industry counterparts, but data taken from Technomic’s recently published Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report along with the 2014 Lunch Consumer Trend Report suggests there may be one daypart where these chains can do even better: lunch. The Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report […]

Bacon Maximizes Menus

Consumers continue to crave bacon. The protein is dynamic since it can be offered during all dayparts through a number of food combinations from breakfast sandwiches and bacon-topped doughnuts to deli sandwiches and even tacos. Technomic MenuMonitor data shows that bacon was the second most-menued protein on c-store breakfast sandwiches in the second quarter. In […]

Juniper Rising: Gin Makes Gains on Menus

Whiskey may be the spirit getting all the attention lately, but another category with pre-Prohibition roots is making what could be the start of a comeback. Following years of declines, gin volume increased in 2014, according to Technomic’s soon-to-be-released SpiritsTAB report. Though the growth was nominal (0.1%), the change in trajectory is welcome news for […]

Lobster Is Still a Good Catch on Canadian Menus

The upcoming Canadian lobster season is currently on ice—delayed due to impassable shores—but when the season commences, Canadians will likely see even more of the succulent crustacean this year. Lobster’s versatility makes it an attractive ingredient for operators to experiment with. Canadian lobster landings remain among the highest levels recorded in 100 years and have […]

Tequila on the Rise at Full-Service Chains

Tequila continues to make inroads into American foodservice. In recent years, tequila bars and restaurants with broad selections of tequila have emerged, tapping into the popularity of the spirit that results from the advent of 100% agave and aged expressions. In addition to bars that exclusively offer tequila, the spirit is increasingly appearing on menus […]

Fast-Casual Menus Get Festive for the Holidays

As reliable and welcome as annual showings of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” winter- and holidays-inspired foods and beverages have made a festive return to fast-casual menus. Whether consumers crave an eggnog shake as a reward for hauling a Christmas tree home or a warm bowl of something savory as a mid-shopping pick-me-up, fast-casual restaurants across menu segments […]

Healthy Opportunities at Fast-Casual Restaurants

It would be an understatement to say that consumers aren’t always looking to make healthful choices at restaurants. Restaurant meals often represent an opportunity for indulgence and a chance to satisfy cravings for specific foods and beverages, which often tend not to be the most health-promoting items on the menu. But sometimes consumers are looking to […]

Turkey Talk: Fast Casual Finds New Applications for Fall’s Favorite Protein

It’s almost November, which means that soon, many seasonal-menu-minded Americans will find their thoughts turning from #pumpkinspiceeverything to various ways of re-creating Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich. Turkey-cranberry wraps and stuffing-topped turkey burgers are fine and good—they’re reliable limited-time offers for operators during the holiday season. But this fall, several fast-casual restaurants also are offering […]

Cinnamon Dials Up the Heat at the Bar

Where’s the fire? Behind the bar and in your glass. The runaway success of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, Canada’s hottest spirits export, is prompting on-premise operators and competing adult beverage suppliers to try to capitalize on consumer interest in red-hot cinnamon flavor profiles. Over the summer, Beam Suntory rolled out Jim Beam Kentucky Fire, which features […]