Partnering on Calorie Counts

With just 238 days until calorie counts must appear on drink menus in chain restaurant and other multiunit on-premise locations, many operators are scrambling to assemble the necessary calorie and nutrition information. They’re also striving to gain clarity about the requirements to have compliant menus in place by the December 1 deadline. The issue shines […]

Move or Be Moved on Menu Labeling

Many parents employ the illusion of choice to spur their children to complete a task. You can put away your toys now, kids are told, or you can put them away in 15 minutes. The choice for kids isn’t whether they’ll do what the parent wants them to do, but rather when—immediately or soon. That […]

Government Shutdown: Adult-Beverage Innovation Hits a Roadblock?

Among the agencies affected by the partial government shutdown is the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and sidelining the TTB may well serve to stymie the innovation so important to the adult-beverage industry’s ability to grow in a slow economy. This is dire news as we enter the all-important fourth quarter of […]

Adult Beverage Issue Alert

May was a busy month on the adult beverage regulatory front, and a number of developments have the potential to impact the business. All involved in the industry need to keep up with these issues and engage as warranted: Voluntary Serving Facts allowed—The Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued guidelines last week allowing […]