Retail Foodservice Primed to Steal Share From Restaurants

Technomic’s Canadian Retailer Meal Solutions Consumer Trend Report shows that Canadian consumers increasingly view retail foodservice as offering higher quality, fresher, and more unique and healthful food than its fast-food restaurant competition. Due in part to increased focus on fresh prepared food at retail outlets and the expansion of these offerings to new retail channels, we estimate […]

New Faces Compete for Canada’s Fresh Prepared-Food Sales

Canada’s retail foodservice market grew 3.3% in 2014, and further gains are on the horizon as more established retailers continue to revamp and expand fresh-food offerings to battle newer entrants that are advancing in the space. But who are these newer entrants and what effect might they have? Drugstores Before the merger of Loblaw’s with […]

Rise and Shine: Breakfast Health and Wellness in Canada Versus the U.S.

Who’s healthier at breakfast time—Americans or their northerly neighbors? The health and wellness consumer data from the U.S. and Canadian versions of Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report provides insight into this question. It is essential that operators in each country understand these customer preferences when developing their breakfast menus. Skipping breakfast First off, a larger […]

Retail Rising

Fast casual may still be a darling of the foodservice world—appropriately enough, given that the category’s top 150 chains grew sales 13.1 percent in 2012—but retail foodservice is a rising and dynamic player that demands attention. The retailer meal solutions segment grew to $37 billion in sales in 2012 from $35 billion in 2010, according […]