Why Fast Casual Powers the Sandwich Segment’s Growth

When the initial results of Technomic’s Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report were released last month, the biggest news story to emerge was Subway’s fall from its perch as the second-largest restaurant chain in the United States in terms of annual sales. Implied in that story was a trend many years in the making: Fast-casual sandwich […]

Millennials: A Grab-N-Go Generation [Infographic]

Millennials are a generation on the go, looking for convenience in all aspects of the foodservice occasion—including format. Continuing yesterday’s discussion of generational differences, this week’s Consumer Flash infographic displays Millennials’ affinity for grab-n-go options, perfect for a meal on the run. [View larger INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials: A Grab-N-Go Generation ] Source: This infographic is powered by […]

Hot Potato: Topping Restaurant Sandwiches Across the World

Potatoes have long played a supporting role on menus, rounding out entrées in varying forms: mashed, scalloped, roasted, twice baked, to name just a few. But the humble spud has moved from side dish to center stage recently, with potato-topped sandwiches appearing on menus worldwide. As beef, pork and produce prices surge in global markets, […]

Satisfying Cravings for Classic Sandwiches

Stand down, sriracha: While Canadian diners may be warming to sandwiches featuring a wider variety of global flavours, there’s also still strong interest among consumers and operators alike in old-school deli favourites. Asked the open-ended question of whether there were any sandwiches or sandwich ingredients they would like to see on more menus, several consumers […]

Canadian Consumers Want More Interesting Sandwich Options

You can’t blame restaurants for trying. Recent menu innovations have been particularly noticeable in the sandwich category, including spicy options such as Subway’ Sriracha Steak Melt, healthy options like Tim Hortons’ Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and premium options such as Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. However, echoing the sentiments of U.S. consumers, Canadians say recent innovations […]

Quality is Increasingly Important to the Sandwich Category, reveals new Technomic study

Sandwich consumption is high; on average, consumers eat more than three sandwiches per week. However, 54 percent of consumers (up from 51 percent two years ago), indicate they are preparing sandwiches themselves. This means operators and suppliers will need to focus on hard-to-duplicate menu items to entice consumers to purchase more sandwiches away from home. […]

Never Satisfied: Consumers Call for Even More Sandwich Innovation

Recent menu innovations have been particularly noticeable in the sandwich category, including Wendy’s Pretzel bacon cheeseburger, Subway’s limited-time Fiery Footlong collection, Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco, and McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin, among other examples. To be sure, menu innovation can be a key driver of success. In fact, in August 2013, Wendy’s reported that the […]

Trending in Fast Casual: A Sandwich by Any Other Name

Later this month, Technomic will release the 2014 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report, with new data and insights on Americans’ sandwich consumption behaviors, attitudes and preferences. As a prelude to that, we wanted to highlight how fast-casual restaurants are serving up interesting global takes on the standard bread-with-fillings format. Fast-casual concepts have established themselves as leaders […]

Toasties: Ten Fresh Takes on a Comfort-Food Classic

Sometimes, simple is best. The simple formula of a toasted sandwich with melted cheese is never more popular than in winter, when warm, nostalgic, uncomplicated fare helps take the edge off any chill in weather or mood. Restaurant magazine recently named the humble toastie among its top menu trends for 2014, noting that operators in London […]

Spicy Chicken Sandwiches: Six New Takes on a Perennial Favorite

Chicken sandwiches are a workhorse of limited- and full-service restaurants’ menus. They don’t generally garner the attention or the cultlike following of burgers; they’re not as trendy as pulled-pork or sausage sandwiches; they have, over the years, earned no small amount of derision from some chefs and consumers who would dismiss them as bland or […]