Upscale Sausages Span the Nation, Starting with Chicago

At 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday, October 1, I settled into a folding chair on a Chicago sidewalk, waiting for a hot-dog shop to open. Twenty-five people were lined up ahead of me. We devoted foodies had assembled not just for any ordinary dog but for a specialty sausage (or five) from the famed Hot Doug’s during […]

Linked In: Canadian Restaurants Savour Flavourful Sausages

Canadian restaurant operators are stuffing their menus with a wide variety of spicy, savoury sausages. From sliced Italian sausage atop classic red-sauced pastas to chorizo-stuffed fritters and links made of rabbit or duck, sausage is lending its hearty, home-style appeal to both upscale and old-school fare. Canadian consumers have a strong affinity for sausage: At […]