How Fast Casual Can Win Hispanic Consumers

Restaurants cannot ignore the growing Hispanic population and the spending power these consumers hold. Understanding the needs and how to reach these consumers is crucial for any foodservice operation. Specific areas of opportunity exist in fast casual that could help entice Hispanic consumers to spend their foodservice dollars in the segment. Since 2013, Hispanic consumers’ […]

Both Chains and Independents Can Succeed by Playing to Strengths

The local food movement is picking up steam in Canada, and some independent operators are looking to renew a pride in Canadian cuisine that extends beyond maple syrup and poutine. The movement’s threat to Canadian chains is real, so brands should make an effort to know their core customers and what they’re looking for and […]

One-Size-Fits All Is Out: How Consumers Vary by Market

Many restaurants are starting to adopt a more localized approach to menu development, marketing and operations to develop targeted strategies and offerings. Tailoring the experience to consumers in a particular market begins with understanding the local consumer. To that end, Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program allows operators and suppliers to filter consumer brand tracking data […]