Small Plates Making Big Gains on Canadian Menus

Despite overall constriction of menus at Canadian restaurants, some areas have seen growth in the past few years, among them snacks and small plates. Starbucks Canada recently announced it would begin offering small-plate options before the end of the year, joining numerous restaurants that are already participating in this trend. Over the past five years, […]

At Midyear, Technomic Sees Six Trends Emerging

Technomic, the nation’s leading foodservice research and consulting firm, has identified trends emerging for the second half of 2014, including hot peppers and sauces beyond Sriracha, barbecue flavors in QSR handhelds, and classic snack brands incorporated into new menu offerings. Technomic brings together the best judgments of its consultants and editors to periodically identify and […]

In Restaurant Snacks, An Appetite for Indulgence

In this “take-share” foodservice marketplace, Canadian restaurants are striving mightily to be considered by consumers as a go-to destination for snacks. Half of Canadian consumers report snacking multiple times a day, Technomic’s new 2014 Canadian Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report finds, so snacks represent a viable, valuable opportunity for restaurants to build sales during slower […]

Snacks: A Growth Opportunity for Canadian Restaurants

Snacking is ingrained behaviour—75% of consumers snack daily—and data from Technomic’s 2014 Canadian Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report point to opportunities for restaurant operators to increase incremental traffic and sales through snacks. Most consumers feel there is room for improvement regarding the snacks available at restaurants. A minority of consumers report that limited-service (38%) and […]

New Technomic Study on Snacking Highlights Avenues to Drive Traffic and Sales

Snack consumption is on the rise, as half of today’s consumers (51 percent) say that they eat snacks at least twice a day, an increase from the 48 percent who said the same in 2012. And about a third of consumers (31 percent) told Technomic they’re snacking more frequently than they were just two years […]

Fast Casuals Seek to Be a Destination for Snacks

In November, Technomic identified “Every daypart is a snack daypart” as one of its 10 foodservice trends for 2014. New consumer numbers from our 2014 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report bear that out: A slight majority of U.S. consumers (51%) say they snack at least twice a day. That’s up from 48% who said the […]

Snacks: A Growth Opportunity for Restaurants

Snacking is pretty ingrained behavior for most people. Three-fourths of consumers (77 percent) snack at least once a day. However, snacks are fairly new to the foodservice arena, and data from Technomic’s newest Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report points to opportunities for restaurant operators to increase incremental traffic and sales through snack offerings. About one […]

Small Bites Are a Big Deal at Convenience Stores

Consumers are buying more snacks from convenience stores, thanks not only to their demand for when-I-want-it and where-I-want-it options, but also to c-store brands’ innovative new offerings. According to Technomic’s new Convenience Stores Market Intelligence Report, more than half of consumers (55 percent) who purchase prepared foods from c-stores at least once a month visit […]

In Canada, Better Bar Snacks Pair with Bigger Beer Menus

It only makes sense: As restaurant operators continue to bolster their beer menus with more craft and premium selections, they’ve started to pay new attention to their bar snacks, too. Canadian chain and independent establishments are putting creative twists on classic dips and even elevating the humble pretzel to crave-worthy status, rolling out snacks and […]