Vodka Still Drives Spirits Market

A beverage trade writer recently interviewed me, asking about the big trends in the spirits market. Timely topic, as I was in the midst of putting the finishing touches on our SpiritsTAB report. My response juxtaposed the recent momentum in American whiskey with the fact that vodka’s growth had slowed to a crawl after several […]

How the Next Decade Will Make or Break Food Brands

Technomic forecasts the food industry grow to more than $2 trillion in annual sales by 2025, which certainly seems like a giant number. However, that headline figure comprises growth from many categories, each of which offers the opportunity to gain market share to companies that recognize changing consumer preferences and invest in innovation. According to […]

The Future of ‘Local’

Locally sourced foods have been trending for years. But as more consumers look for an emotional connection with brands that offer these foods, suppliers are taking note and investing in supply practices that support demand for the movement. Technomic MenuMonitor data shows that “local” callouts on menus rose 367% in the past five years for […]

Do Consumers Care About Calories in Alcohol?

Come December, consumers may get a shock when perusing restaurant drink menus for their holiday toast. The Food and Drug Administration regulations requiring calorie information to be presented on adult beverage menus in foodservice concepts operating in 20 or more locations go into effect December 1. Will this information cause patrons to rethink that drink […]

Partnering on Calorie Counts

With just 238 days until calorie counts must appear on drink menus in chain restaurant and other multiunit on-premise locations, many operators are scrambling to assemble the necessary calorie and nutrition information. They’re also striving to gain clarity about the requirements to have compliant menus in place by the December 1 deadline. The issue shines […]

State of the Alcohol Beverage Industry 2015: Small Is Big

The early results from 2014 tell a very clear story about the dynamics at play in the alcohol industry: The small are getting bigger, and the big, for the most part, aren’t. Beer held its majority share of total alcohol volume, but another year of overall decline resulted in beer again ceding some share to […]

How Adult Beverage Brands Are Prioritizing Sustainability

Two weeks ago, BuzzFeed ran an article with the attention-grabbing headline “How Climate Change Will End Wine As We Know It.” (Additional point to BuzzFeed for the accompanying “Apocalypse Noir” visual.) The piece discusses how warming temperatures around the globe already are seen subtly affecting harvest schedules and how climate change likely will have a […]

Adult Beverage Brands Target the Everyman

It was bound to happen, really. After years of “premiumization” garnering big buzz in adult beverages, with marketers jockeying to position their beverage brands as sophisticated choices for discerning drinkers (and consumers aspiring to a more “premium” lifestyle), some labels are looking to stand out by going decidedly against the flow. Their goal? Appeal to the masses […]

Whiskey: Is the Future Clear?

Bourbon, Tennessee and rye whiskey are making headlines lately, and with good reason. The storied, flavorful and sometimes hard-to-find American spirits are on fire, as their inherent attributes are exactly what many consumers are thirsting for today. The once-illegal stepchild of the distilling industry—corn whiskey, also known as moonshine—also is growing. In fact, it’s the […]

On- and Off-Premise: A Closer Connection

The connection between what consumers drink in bars and restaurants and what they purchase for at-home enjoyment appears to be strengthening. According to our soon-to-be released 2014 SpiritsTAB Report, more than two-fifths of consumers (44%) agree that they enjoy the same brands at home as they do in a restaurant, bar or other commercial establishment, […]