How Shifting Health Priorities Will Change Foodservice in 2016

Per tradition, health is a foremost consideration in the New Year. But it’s not just in January that consumers are prioritizing foodservice health. Consumers are increasingly concerned about transparency—what’s in their food and where it came from—and operators and suppliers are feeling the heat. Technomic called out modernization of the supply chain as a 2016 […]

What We Eat and What We Should Eat

When the advisory committee for the upcoming 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines issued its report in February, the food industry reacted vigorously. The good news got a lot of press: eggs and shellfish aren’t bad for you; three to five cups of coffee a day might even be good for you. And probably nobody was surprised […]

5 Charts That Explain McDonald’s Move Toward Antibiotic-Free Chicken

A major portion of McDonald’s supply chain is getting the Chipotle Mexican Grill treatment, as the world’s largest burger chain will begin sourcing chicken only from poultry suppliers that don’t use human antibiotics on their animals. Leaders of the Golden Arches also announced McDonald’s would only sell milk from cows that have not been treated […]

Canadian Restaurant Consumers Support Sustainability

It’s no surprise to learn that Canadian consumers support sustainability initiatives at restaurants. What’s interesting is that their support varies by segment and demographic. Many consumers are concerned about food and non-food waste at restaurants, but our exploration of this topic for a recent Consumer Update Report, part of Technomic’s ongoing Consumer Brand Metrics research, […]

Social Media to Sustainability: Preferences and Priorities of Canadian Restaurant Users

How likely are Canadian consumers to engage with restaurants via Facebook? How important to restaurant-goers are issues such as recycling and food composting? Do Canadians really want to see nutrition info on menus nationwide? The latest trend report from Technomic’s Canadian Consumer Brand Metrics research program tackles these questions and more. For restaurant operators, the […]

McDonald’s Move Puts Spotlight on Sustainable Sourcing

Back in November, Technomic identified “telling the sourcing story” as one of its five U.K. restaurant trends for 2014.  This week, McDonald’s made a new bold move to do just that, committing to begin buying “verified sustainable beef” in 2016. What defines or constitutes “sustainable beef” hasn’t been fully determined yet; McDonald’s plans to spend this […]

Sustainable Packaging in Focus for U.K. Restaurants

U.K. restaurant operators are paying heightened attention to food and beverage packaging materials as part of their efforts to become more environmentally responsible. Subway is one of the latest chains to highlight a move toward more eco-friendly packaging; this fall, the sandwich specialist touted its switch from triple-wall to double-wall hot-drink cups and its use […]

A Sustainable Investment

Among all buzzed-about terms in foodservice—from “fresh” to “all-natural” to “customized”—maybe none is as fuzzy for consumers as “sustainable.” A few years back, it wasn’t uncommon to see consumers linking “sustainable” with satiety—as in items that are filling, rather than those that use responsibly sourced ingredients. And yet despite this consumer confusion, operators have kept […]